Justin Bieber gives emotional speech at album preview: ‘I don’t even think I should be alive’

Roisin O'Connor
Justin Bieber is releasing a new album in 2020, as well as starring in a YouTube documentary series: Rex

Justin Bieber made an emotional speech at a playback of his forthcoming album speaking about the depression he experienced as he became an adult.

The popstar held the event at Village Recorders in Los Angeles as Grammy week got underway. As he spoke to those in attendance, Variety reports that he began crying over struggles he faced both in his career and in his personal life.

“I don’t even think I should be alive never mind thrive,” he said, going on to address his longtime manager Scooter Braun: “You walked with me through a lot of s**t.”

He spoke about having “grown up in the industry” while simultaneously being “hurt’ by it.

“There’s power in weakness,” he said, adding that his creative work is “a reflection of that … thank you for loving me at my worst”.

Bieber thanked his wife, model Hailey, for appearing with him in a new YouTube documentary series, which premieres on 27 January. “I love you with all my heart … and I’m so proud of us,” he said.

“I’ve gotta get it together,” he joked as he continued to tear up. “I’m just so grateful.”

Bieber released his single “Yummy”, the first from the forthcoming album, earlier this month. The title and release date for the album have yet to be announced.