Justin Bieber, Dan + Shay Accused of Stealing ‘10,000 Hours': Compare for Yourself (Audio)

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Justin Bieber and country duo Dan + Shay have been accused of copyright infringement on their 2019 hit “10,000 Hours.”

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, International Manufacturing Concepts, Melomega music and Sound Gems alleged that the trio of singers “stole the core portion of the song” from a 1980 song called “The First Time Baby Is a Holiday.”

The plaintiffs called Bieber and Dan + Shay “impudently bold” for the “theft,” adding that “this case marks an instance of blatant and errant copying.”

“One need only listen to First Time and the infringing 10,000 Hours to discern the unmistakable similarities between the songs,” the suit asserts. “However, subjective analysis aside, when the songs are viewed through the objective, empirical lens of musical science — as was done in this case by one of the top musicology experts in the industry — Defendants’ infringement is unmistakable.”

Reps for Bieber and Dan + Shay didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

For those who are so inclined, you can in fact compare for yourselves. Here is “10,000 Hours”:

And below, you can listen and compare it to “The First Time Baby Is A Holiday.”

As a result of the suit, the music companies are seeking songwriting credit on “10,000 Hours,” as well as money in damages, statutory damages and attorney fees. They are also asking for an injunction preventing further distribution of the song.

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