Jurassic Carpark : Large monitor lizard captured in Selangor the star of viral video (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — A wild monitor lizard running loose in a carpark, threatening to bite bystanders as firefighters surrounded it has found its way into the hearts of social media users.

The video of the incident last weekend at the carpark of Lotus’s Ara Damansara, has amassed 4.7 million views, shows the large reptile crawling out of a car to escape the firemen surrounding it.

Despite its size and speed, the lizard did not escape as a fireman managed to tackle it using a cloth bag.

The video captioned “poor thing, maybe it wanted to buy it’s (sic) groceries.” left many commenters online feeling sorry for the lizard.

“So pitiful. It looks scared. Lost in the car park.”

“Animals like it have no place to live, cities have been built everywhere.”

“Doesn’t this mean their habitat is threatened? A lot of animals were seen where they shouldn’t be.”

Monitor lizards have been appearing in more public spaces, most recently in The Mines in Seri Kembangan.

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