Jupiter and Saturn Align in Pakistan's Sky During the 'Great Conjunction'

Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the night sky over Karachi, Pakistan, on Monday, December 21, marking the two planets’ closest encounter in nearly 400 years, according to NASA.

The astronomical event was named a “Great Conjunction” after the incident was observed in 1623. This year, the alignment was visible in the night sky for a few days, culminating on Monday night.

Although Jupiter and Saturn regularly pass each other and align once every 20 years, it’s been nearly 800 years since the alignment occurred at night, allowing nearly everyone around the world to observe the event, NASA said.

The planets will be visible to the naked eye when directed toward the southwest just after sunset, according to NASA. On Monday, they would appear so close that a pinkie finger at arm’s length would cover both planets in the sky, NASA said. Credit: Abubaker Shekhani via Storyful