Jungkook of BTS pleads for fans to stop sending food to his home

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 — Having a steady supply of free food to your home is something most would wish for.

Jungkook of popular KPop boyband BTS however has pleaded for fans to stop sending food to his home.

In a recent Weverse post, the Kpop star addressed the recent invasion of privacy he experienced.

“Please don’t deliver food to my house. I’m not going to eat it,” he wrote.

“I’m grateful for the thought, but I eat well on my own. Take care of your own meals. I beg of you. If you send it one more time, I’ll check the receipt order number and take action. So stop it.”

The 25-year-old and his other six members have been stalked by ‘sasaeng’ fans who obsessively follow their favourite idols.

Jungkook has been reportedly followed by fans while in the gym, leaving work, and has had calls from strangers on his phone during his live streams.

Fans of BTS known as Army have come out on social media to demand the fan community respect Jungkook’s privacy with the hashtag #RespectJungKook.