Jumbo Floating Restaurant towed out of Hong Kong

STORY: Many people flocked to the city's Aberdeen harbor to take photos and bid farewell to the landmark resembling a Chinese imperial palace, which has welcomed celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise with Cantonese cuisine since 1976.

Yannis Yu, 34, said she had dined at the iconic restaurant with her parents when she was a child, adding that it was a pity to see landmarks gradually vanishing.

In 2020, Jumbo ceased operations due to the coronavirus outbreak. After months of COVID-19 restrictions, its parent company was unable to find a new owner and lacked the funds to maintain it.

It is unclear where Jumbo will berth next. According to public broadcaster RTHK, its parent company has secured a suitable parking location for Jumbo outside Hong Kong while it awaits a new operator, but has declined to disclose where it would be sent.

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