July 1: asteroids and future moon missions top Google's tech and science Search trends

NASA prepares for an additional six moon missions

On a regular basis, Google compiles a list of which science and technology topics are being queried the most by US users in its dedicated Search engine. Over the past 24 hours, International Asteroid Day and NASA's upcoming moon missions were among the most trending topics.

Over the past 24 hours, Firefox 78, International Asteroid Day and Facebook's upcoming dark theme topped Google Search's trending science and technology topics. 

Web browser • Firefox

On Tuesday, Mozilla launched the latest version of its web browser Firefox 78. New features and tools include a Protections Dashboard that outlines to users how their data is being tracked, a Refresh button to the Uninstaller, and WebRender to supported systems to improve graphics performance.

NASA • Moon • Space Launch System

On Monday, NASA announced that it has "taken the next steps toward building Space Launch System (SLS) solid rocket boosters to support as many as six additional flights, for a total of up to nine Artemis missions," aka moon missions. In 2024, the first woman is expected to step foot on the moon thanks to this program. 

Light-on-dark color scheme • Facebook • iOS

Late last week, Social Media Today was the first to report that Facebook has officially begun testing a dark theme for a small fraction of its mobile application users, a test which the social media giant confirmed to the media. Right now, only "a small percentage of users globally right now" have access to the feature; therefore it's likely to roll out very soon to the greater public.

Asteroid • Asteroid Day • Earth • Tunguska event

June 30, was National Asteroid Day. Organizations like the United Nations and NASA celebrated the anniversary by sharing content about the space rocks to raise awareness.