Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Her Princess Diana Inspired Wedding Gown and the Tiny Dolphin She Had Sewn Into the Dress!

"Dolphins are so joyful," said Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "I still don't know where it is in the dress, which I think is kind of fabulous."

<p>Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Instagram</p> (L-R) Julia Louis-Dreyfus, photo from her wedding day

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Instagram

(L-R) Julia Louis-Dreyfus, photo from her wedding day

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was heavily inspired by Princess Diana's bridal gown.

On the latest episode of her Wiser Than Me podcast which featured guest Vera Wang, the actress, 63, discussed how she admired the iconic bridal gown that Princess Diana wore to her nuptials to King Charles III in 1981 and how she incorporated some of the design elements into the dress she wore to marry her husband Brad Hall.

"I got married in 1987 and my wedding dress was very lady-Di inspired. I wasn't a big Lady Di person or anything, but her wedding dress kicked ass," explained the Seinfeld star at the start of the episode.

<p>Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty</p> Princess Diana in her wedding dress

Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty

Princess Diana in her wedding dress

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"It had A Room with a View vibe, and I was just so crazy about that movie. Lady Di's dress had these poofy sleeves with 2 layers of lace that came off the cuff," she continued. "And I totally stole that from my dress, which was a sort of study of everything awful in the eighties. Well, I mean, that's not fair. It was fine, but it was so eighties."

Noting that "one of the great things about clothes" is that they "identify an era," she added that the dress made her feel like "Cinderella at the ball."

"And so maybe I'm a tiny bit embarrassed when I look at that dress now, but it was a statement of a particular moment," she said. "The huge sleeves, the sweetheart neckline, the fabric flowered wreath in my hair. I'm pretty sure Brad wore a suit. Anyways, man, it was romantic, and I was getting married. And for that, okay, I admit it. It was perfect."

<p>Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Instagram; David Levenson/Getty </p> (L-R) Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Princess Diana

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Instagram; David Levenson/Getty

(L-R) Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Princess Diana

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Princess Diana's dress had a secret 18-carat gold horseshoe trinket studded with white diamonds, which Louis-Dreyfus replicated in her own way.

"Oh, and, okay, and you know what I did? I had this tiny little dolphin that was hand carved out of stone, sort of a charm, like a little talisman," explained Louis-Dreyfus. "And I had them sew it into my dress because I thought it was a good symbol of joy. You know, dolphins are so joyful. Isn't that cool?"

"But get this. I told them not to tell me where they sewed it. And I still don't know where it is in the dress, which I think is kind of fabulous," she continued. "It's in there somewhere. Fortunes whisper sewn in with lucky threads of grace."

According to Louis-Dreyfus, her wedding day was "a hell of a production" when it came to all the clothing.

<p>Julia Louis-Dreyfus/ Instagram</p> Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall on their wedding day

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/ Instagram

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall on their wedding day

"The bridesmaid's dresses — they were fantastic. They were drop-waisted, and they were heavy linen in a very particular green, a celadon green," she said, noting that they had " a kind of a sailor collar."

Her "going away dress" was a cream color that also featured the same pattern as the bridesmaids' dresses.

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"I kinda got carried away, but that's what fashion is for, to just carry us away. We dress up for our rituals. The clothes we wear convey import, and they're a huge part of what makes an event special," said Louis-Dreyfus.

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