Julia Fox Suggests Pete Davidson Needs to See a Dominatrix: ‘Hit Me Up’ (Video)

Julia Fox did not hold back when she took the Vanity Fair lie detector test, and this included her suggestion that Pete Davidson see a dominatrix.

After the interview shifted to a discussion of Fox’s time working as a dominatrix, the interrogator pulled out a picture of Pete Davidson and asked if he fell under the comedians that could benefit from being a dominatrix.

“I think he probably needs to see a dominatrix more,” Fox said. “I could see him really liking deprecation, like ‘you’re a little bitch’ and things like that. I could see him getting off to that. Just a hunch. But I think he’s into the humiliation stuff. Hit me up, Pete.”

Fox was asked about her previous claims that being a dominatrix felt like taking acting classes.

“It was improv all day long. I’d have to be the mean nun, a bitchy, popular girl in high school, whatever the client wanted, and I had you know only a couple of minutes to get ready and dress and prep for it,” she said. “So it was just kind of all like on the spot and I feel like it really just taught me how to act.”

The interviewer then asked if comedians could benefit from being dominatrixes. When asked what her favorite punishment to give out was, Fox answered that she had a few clients who enjoyed ball-busting.

“I found that to be highly therapeutic. Releasing the rage down with the patriarchy. Step on the man. Just telling the truth,” she said, continuing when asked if she would do it for a million dollars today. “Ball-busting I’ll do for free. If you want ballbusting it’s free. Anything else? It’s $10K an hour.”

Fox also described one of the most expensive items she ever stole, why she stands by her claim that “penises are weapons of mass destruction” and her hatred for the patriarchy and men.

Watch the full video at the top of this post.

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