Julia Fox slams 'anti-aging' campaigns: 'Getting old is f***ing hot'

Julia Fox says aging is in. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
Julia Fox says aging is in. (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Julia Fox, 32, has officially declared aging cool.

The actress, model and former dominatrix shared a series of TikToks expressing her thoughts on anti-aging campaigns and the unseen joys of growing older.

"Just so you guys know, aging is fully in, like, fully. Dirty girl, ugly, not wearing clothes that fit your body type, just fully just wearing anything you want. All those things are in," said Fox.

She then took a jab at anti-aging marketing, joking that she will be taking legal action if she sees any more products claiming to stop the process.

"And if I see another product that says 'anti-aging' on the label, I'm suing, I'm going to sue. I'm going to sue because I'm going to age regardless of if I put the f***ing $500 serum on my face. And you all f***ing know it. And we know it, so let's stop lying to ourselves," she said.

Fox went on to diss the perceived allure of youth, calling it the "trenches," adding that aging is where the fun really starts.

"Getting old is f***ing hot. Ok, it is sexy. It is probably the sexiest time in life, actually, because being pretty and hot in your 20s is the f***ing trenches. Ok? And I'm not going back there."

Supporters rallied in Fox's comments, sharing their own anecdotes on aging.

"Aging is such a luxury. I have friends who didn't make it to 20, how cool is getting older," wrote one user.

"Trenches. Perfect word for it. The amount of TIME I spent in unpaid labor trying to look pretty would amount to years," said another.

Some commenters did question why Fox, who turned 32 in February, was making such impassioned videos about the beauty of aging when she is not "old."

"Girl, what are you 30? Please," questioned one user.

Fox replied to this question with a separate video, admitting that her current perspective on aging is a fairly recent shift.

"You're right, 30 is not old. But I literally cried on my 27th birthday because I could no longer say 'mid 20s.' I'd officially be in my late 20s, OK? So this is how deep this s**** is for women and aging," she said before explaining how the entertainment industry villainizes aging.

"I'm telling you, like, in the entertainment industry, 30 is f***ing considered old. And dude, the f***ing guy I buy my vapes off of, every time he cards me, well … I actually stopped going to him, but he used to card me every single time and he'd always be like, '32? You look good for your age' and I literally have stopped going to him," she said.

Fox also addressed claims that her stance on aging is hypocritical since she has previously promoted "anti-aging" procedures.

"Someone was like, 'How is she going to talk about anti-aging when she was, like, a spokesperson for this brand, Xeomin, which basically does the same thing as Botox?'" said Fox, before going on to explain that her bottom line has always come first.

"And it's like, babe, the same way that when I was a dominatrix and someone came in like, 'Hey, do you have experience piercing penises and nipples? Or doing electrical play on my back?' I was like, 'Yeah, I'm a pro at that.' I'm always gonna get my bag. Even if I'd never done it before, I would still say, 'I'm a pro. I know what the f**** I'm doing,' so I'm just about my bag honey, don't hate," she said.

Fox then showed off the wrinkles in her forehead, insinuating the absence of neurotoxins.

"But as you can see, I don't. And listen, there's nothing wrong with the filler and the Botox. I literally started getting preemptive Botox when I was 20. Like, I know I've gone down the rabbit hole. All I'm saying is that she's evolved, like," she said.

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