#Jukeride: The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Car

Social media is going to be the driving force behind a new project to improve driving performance of motorsports. If you're a fan of European Motorsports and have ideas to contribute to the sport, you may be interested to take part in this crowd sourcing project created by Nissan in collaboration with ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert.

The social media-led project is to build a state-of-the-art Juke with its own Skycam helicopter that docks on the roof that will be designed to help Nismo's (Nissan Motorsport) team of talented young athletes to push their performances to new heights. It will also put fans in the heart of the action through their involvement in the building of the Juke.

Led by Johnny Herbert with the support of a team of apprentices and the wider social media community, Nissan will kit out a car with the latest digital technology, including the Skycam, to create a advanced car that will monitor every move their motorsports cars make and compare the information with the high-precision environmental data of ground surface, air and object trajectory analysis. This will enable Nismo drivers to monitor their performance, improve their driving skills and become the best they can be. The Skycam will also capture unique content at motorsports events, giving fans access to never-before-seen perspectives of races and bringing them closer to the action.

One of Britain's best known drivers, Johnny Herbert's many successes include three Formula 1 wins as well as notably achieving first place at Le Mans in 1991. Johnny works closely with Nissan mentoring drivers from Nissan's GT Academy - the virtual-to-real project created by Nissan and PlayStation® that brings the dreams of Gran Turismo players to life. Coupled with his extensive experience reporting on motorsports events in the broadcast world, Johnny is perfectly placed to offer his insight and support to the apprentices as they build this exceptional car.

Johnny Herbert kicks off the project today, by inviting motorsport enthusiasts from across Europe to share their ideas and help inform the build via social networking channels. Fans will be able to submit ideas on Twitter by using the hashtag #jukeride. From these submissions, Johnny Herbert will work with a team of 10 apprentices who will actively participate in the build process, using social technologies such as Google Hangouts and their own networks of followers to determine the technology used in the car, as well as crowd source its name.

So if you have ideas and want to be part of this project, project Nismo #Jukeride takes off today. Join them or simply follow its progress at the Experience Nissan site or by using the hashtag #jukeride.

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