Juicy & crispy Southern Fried Chicken with amazing gravy

Simply incredible Southern Fried Chicken and gravy. I decided not to call this Southern fried chicken KFC because I would no doubt get taken to task for not being accurate enough, so I've taken the cowards way out and gone safe with Southern fried chicken, it still wont stop me referencing KFC though haha. So why do we love this fast food so dang much? I fell out of love with McDonalds years ago because the burgers are horrible, but I still love a great burger, but in the UK you need to find those independent burger bars and then they still might be crap? But Southern Fried chicken including KFC and Miss MIllies (that's the choice we have, unless you go to those very dodgy chicken shops) is just great. My research was interesting so it seems that West Africans loved to cook chicken with roughly the same spicing used in my Southern fried chicken recipe, and the horror of slaving brought West Africans to the States and these flavours were developed in plantation kitchens and included the Scottish settlers love of deep frying (yes there is a reason why those Celts deep fry pizza and chocolate) and hey presto the most loved soul food was born. Introduce brining in buttermilk for the most tender juicy chicken and I am in love with this food, the secret of a long life is have this every now and then though as it is not health food folks. Chicken 1 medium sized Buttermilk 1 L - 2.1 pints Self rising flour 500g - 1.1lb - 4 cups (i think?) Corn flour 1 tbs Cajun spice 1tbs - MSG (opt) 1.5tbs - onion powder 1tbs - garlic powder 1 tbs - paprika 1 tbsp - celery salt 1 tsp Frying oil 1 L - 2.1 pints (depending on your pan) The gravy Brown chicken stock 250ml - 0.5 pints Butter 30g Plain flour 30g Dried sage 1 tsp Dark soy or gravy browning a few splashes for colour