Jubilant Guineans Chant 'Liberté' After Soldiers Claim to Have Seized Country

Crowds of people celebrated on the streets of Conakry, Guinea’s capital city, following reports on Sunday, September 5, that a group of special forces soldiers had detained President Alpha Condé and taken control of the country.

This footage taken by local reporters shows scenes at the main intersection along a central thoroughfare in Conakry, where youths are seen jumping in jubilation and chanting “liberté,” or “freedom.”

The rebel group, led by Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya of Guinea’s special forces, released a video statement in which Doumbaya said they had seized control of the West African country, dissolved the government, and temporarily closed the country’s borders. Another video, which Agence France-Presse (AFP) said had been provided directly to its correspondent in Guinea, showed Condé sitting on a couch and being questioned by uniformed men. Later, several members of the rebel group entered the studios of the Radio Télévision Guinéenne (RTG) public broadcasting station in Conakry where Doumbaya went on air to announce plans to transition to a new government.

Speaking to France24, rebels said the president was in their custody, was safe, and had been examined by a doctor.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, said he strongly condemned “any takeover of the government by force of the gun” and called for the immediate release of President Alpha Condé. Credit: Laguinee.info via Storyful

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