Juan Guaido Rallies Supporters During Standoff Outside Venezuelan National Assembly

Chaotic scenes unfolded at Venezuela’s National Assembly on January 7 as opposition leader Juan Guaido and supporters forced their way into the legislative building after a standoff with armed forces.

Guaido was later sworn in for another term as speaker after the incident, which came two days after allies of disputed incumbent president Nicolas Maduro swore in Luis Parra as head of the assembly when Guaido was prevented from attending the vote.

Guaido and his supporters denounced the appointment as illegitimate, as did several countries, including the United States.

Video filmed by National Assembly member Nora Bracho shows Guaido addressing the crowd outside the legislative building before they gained access on Tuesday. “In Venezuela, and in the world, it is not the soldiers who decide who is a representative and who isn’t. It is the people of Venezuela,” Guaido said. Credit: Nora Bracho via Storyful