JP Nadda specialises in speaking half-truths, should come to terms with reality: P Chidambaram

New Delhi [India], June 27 (ANI): Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday launched an attack on BJP chief JP Nadda, accusing him of being an expert in "speaking half-truths" and said that Rs 20 lakhs deposited in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation "from PM National Relief Fund in 2005 was for tsunami relief work in Andaman and Nicobar."

This comes in response to the allegations by the BJP chief made on Friday in the wake of the Opposition raising questions on the government's position over the standoff with China at the LAC. Taking to Twitter, Nadda shared details of 'Partner Organisation and Donors Year 2005-2006' and 'Partner Organisation and Donors Year 2007-2008', which shows that PMNRF donated funds to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF).

In a series of tweets on Saturday morning, Chidambaram accused the BJP of unnecessarily attempting to draw parallels between China's intrusion which took place recently and the events which had taken place 15 years ago.

"BJP President Mr Nadda specialises in speaking half-truths. My colleague Mr Randeep Surjewala exposed his half-truths yesterday," Chidambaram's tweet read.

"Why is the BJP hiding the fact that the Rs 20 lakhs received by RGF from PM National Relief Fund in 2005 was for tsunami relief work in Andaman & Nicobar? And that every rupee was spent for the purpose and accounted for?" the Rajya Sabha MP added and further said, "What has the grant to RGF 15 years ago got to do with China's intrusion into Indian territory in 2020 under the watch of the Modi government?"

Chidambaram further questioned whether PM Narendra Modi would assure that China will "vacate its transgression and restore status quo ante?" if the RGF returns Rs 20 lakh today.

He also implored Nadda to "come to terms with reality" and answer the questions on Chinese intrusions in Indian territory, sharing a satellite image which according to him clearly shows the change in India and China's position at the border areas. (ANI)