Joy Behar Dares Trump to Exact Revenge on ‘The View’ Hosts: ‘Go Ahead, Try It!’

In the little bit of actual campaigning Donald Trump has been able to do in between his many scheduled court appearances, he has made one thing clear: If reelected, he will use his control over federal agencies to get back at people he believes have wronged him. On Friday morning, “The View” host Joy Behar dared him to try doing that to her and her cohosts.

As part of the second Hot Topic of the day, the show pulled up snippets of a recent interview Trump gave, during which he was asked if he would “weaponize” the government against others, since he believes it was weaponized against him.

To that, the disgraced ex-president said “It could certainly happen in reverse,” and that if he were president, he could choose to indict someone simply because he thought they were doing better than him.

“If he’s weaponizing government against his opponents, boy are we in trouble,” host Ana Navarro joked. But, Alyssa Farah Griffin is certain this isn’t a joking matter.

“Donald Trump is running for president for two reasons: to stay out of jail and to get revenge on his enemies,” she said. “And when he speaks, we should listen, and frankly, it’s scary. He’s already said he’s gonna come after people like General John Kelly, my former boss Chairman Mark Milley, people who dared stand against him.”

At that, the women started chiming in with other names, including Mike Pence, and journalists in general. But eventually, Joy Behar called out some very specific names.

“Us! What about us?” she said. When the suggestion drew some laughs from the audience, she doubled down on the idea, basically daring Trump to come for them.

“Try it. Go ahead, try it!” she said. “We have this show every day, okay Donald?”

“The View” airs daily at 11 a.m ET on ABC.

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