Joy Behar asks Dr. Jen Ashton if you can use Vagisil on your face and Noxzema on your vagina

Joy Behar asks Dr. Jen Ashton if you can use Vagisil on your face and Noxzema on your vagina

"We're going off the rails, I'm sorry," Sunny Hostin said as the cohosts laughed off Behar's hilarious questions on "The View."

Months after The View cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin said one could use sperm as a "nice face cream," fellow panelist Joy Behar is making sure your face is adequately covered by lotions of all sorts.

The ladies welcomed Dr. Jen Ashton to the show Tuesday morning to discuss alternate uses for vaginal creams, after Sunny Hostin brought up the ABC personality's advocation for using the topical substance to prevent wrinkles and dry skin on the face.

"We have to remember that, as women get close to menopause and we lose estrogen, skin suffers. It gets more dry, wrinkles become more prominent, it loses collagen, it loses elasticity. Replacing that with topical, by-prescription estradiol cream in low-doses..." Ashton said, prompting Behar to ask, "So, like Vagisil?"

<p>ABC</p> Joy Behar and Dr. Jen Ashton on 'The View'


Joy Behar and Dr. Jen Ashton on 'The View'

Ashton paused, before addressing Behar's question about the cream meant to treat vaginal irritation. "No, not like that," Ashton told the 81-year-old. "Unless your face is itchy!"

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg eventually turned toward Behar to playfully tell her to "behave" during the segment — but, naturally, the comedian had other plans.

"So, then, can you use Noxzema in other places?" Behar said, motioning her hand downward. Ashton opened her mouth wide in shock, exclaiming, "No, Joy!"

Goldberg warned, "You'll set a fire! You'll set yourself on fire!" before Hostin turned to Ashton and apologized.

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"We're going off the rails," Hostin said. "I'm sorry!"

While Behar's quips provided momentary levity during the health segment, Griffin's prior joke about sperm as face cream seemingly didn't go over well in February, as the moment was removed from a subsequent streaming debut of the episode on Hulu as well as a clip that was shared to cohost Ana Navarro's Instagram page.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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