Journalist auctions off Nobel medal for kids in Ukraine

STORY: Location: New York

This Nobel Peace Prize co-winner

auctioned off his medal

to aid children displaced by the war in Ukraine

Dmitry Muratov is editor of one

of Russia's last independent newspapers

The medal sold for a record $103.5 million

[Dmitry Muratov, Journalist / Nobel peace laureate]

“I think it (selling Nobel Prize medal to aid Ukrainian children) is important to me because I’m a Russian citizen and Russia has invaded Ukraine, and I feel responsible for what my country and my country’s citizen are doing. I’m sure a lot of Russian citizen, just like us, want to do something. We are trying to do something.”

His Novaya Gazeta newspaper

was fiercely critical of the Kremlin

It was suspended in March

when it became a crime to veer

from Russia’s lines about the campaign

[Dmitry Muratov, Journalist / Nobel peace laureate]

“What can we do so their (Ukrainian children) future is not ruined and swept away like their demolished cities?”

Moscow calls the war a "special operation"

to ensure Russian security

Ukraine and Western countries say

those claims are baseless

They say it is an

unprovoked war of aggression.