Joshua Wong vows to fight on after Hong Kong election disqualifications

Prominent pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong gave a statement to the press today (July 31) after being barred from running as a candidate in Hong Kong's upcoming election. Eleven other pro-democracy candidates have been disqualified from running for the city's parliament. Authorities explained that the candidates did not comply with the contentious National Security Law. Wong is heard saying: “[The government said] by engaging in international exchanges and advocacy work, I continue to ‘solicit interference by foreign governments’ in Hong Kong’s internal affairs. “Needless to say, opposing the National Security Law is framed as not ‘supporting, promoting and embracing’ the Basic Law. Voting against government proposals and bills is considered as paralysing the government. “Nonetheless, the government decision is far more than depriving my right to political participation. This 18-page decision contains a lot of fabricated allegations that could be used as offences under the National Security Law." Amongst a 14-part Twitter thread, Wong tweeted: "Beyond any doubt, it is the most scandalous election fraud ever in HK history." In another online video statement, Wong said that now "is not the time to give up and surrender." The election for Hong Kong's Legislative Council (LegCo) was set to take place on September 6 but leader Carrie Lam has invoked emergency powers to delay the elections.