Jordan's taekwondo Olympian hopes to inspire young women

This taekwondo athlete has another goal alongside Olympic gold:

to inspire a new generation of women to join the sport

Location: Amman, Jordan

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) JORDANIAN TAEKWONDO PLAYER, JULIANA ALSADEQ, SAYING:"To be honest, I feel very proud of being a source of inspiration for many girls, they approach me saying they want to be like me and they want to take part in international competitions like me. I support them and wish them all the best. I hope I will win an Olympic medal and contribute to spreading sports and taekwondo in particular among girls in Jordan."

The 26-year-old was the first Arab woman to win gold medal

during the Asian Games held in Indonesia in 2018

(SOUNDBITE) (ARABIC) JORDANIAN TAEKWONDO COACH, FARIS AL-ASSAF, SAYING:"She is a taekwondo idol for girls and taekwondo athletes. I hope that she will be a source of encouragement for families and girls to practice taekwondo. Because when you see a Jordanian athlete qualify for the Olympics and achieve what she did, she is set to become an example that shows sports do not affect girls and their studies. She studied sports and was among the distinguished students at university. This fact will encourage families and their children to practice."

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