Jordan's estranged prince releases recording

Jordan’s estranged Prince Hamza released a voice recording on Monday, in which he says he would defy orders by the army not to communicate with the outside world after he was put under house arrest and accused of trying to destabilise the country.

In the recording, he said, quote, "For sure I won't obey when they tell you that you cannot go out or tweet or reach out to people but are only allowed to see the family.”

He added that the chief of staff spoke to him, and that he recorded the conversation, quote, “in case something happens.”

Jordan's government says that the former heir to the throne - who claims he's under house arrest - has been involved in a plot that would have disrupted the country's security.

The alleged plot is said to involve an unnamed intelligence agency and several high profile figures have been detained.

He vehemently denied involvement in a video statement given to the BBC and accused Jordan's leaders of corruption, in an apparent attempt to tap into the public's frustrations.

Prince Hamza was removed from his position as heir to the throne in 2004 by his half brother King Abdullah in a move that consolidated the king's power.

His actions suggest he is keen to shore up his position with ordinary Jordanians after he was removed from the royal succession.

The intrigue is likely to shake Jordan's image as a haven of stability in the Middle East.