Jordanian math teacher delivers lessons on TikTok

STORY: This Jordanian math teacher is taking TikTok by storm

Courtesy: Ahmad Khalil

Ahmad Khalil posts short mathematics videos on social media

to bridge the gap between his students and the subject

Location: Amman, Jordan

“You know that mathematics is a rigid subject disliked by students. Also you should not forget that the current generation is a social media generation. So I combined social media with mathematics to make them like the subject by appearing to them on social media. This is where the idea of short videos on TikTok came from, and it became a trending hit. Afterwards, I started posting them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram reels. Thank God it became very successful.”

Khalil divides an hour-long lesson into several 30-second videos

each carrying a main idea and some ‘flavor’ to make them interesting


“Most teachers use rote teaching and do not develop the lesson with new methods and ideas. Teacher Ahmad Khalil presents an idea, develops it, innovates and thinks outside of the box. He provides us with many ways to solve a problem. You can now easily understand difficult questions. My friends and I used to play soccer or watch a TV series for entertainment. Now we entertain ourselves by solving mathematics questions. We started feeling that mathematics is a piece of cake.”