Jordanian man spends thousands to feed street dogs

This Jordanian spends thousands of dollars feeding stray dogs

LOCATION: Amman, Jordan

Nader Abd al-Raheem al-Morshed spends around $1,410 every month

feeding and vaccinating abandoned street dogs

as part of an initiative he launched seven years ago

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) JORDANIAN MAN FEEDING STRAY DOGS, NADER ABD AL-RAHEEM AL-MORSHED, SAYING:"Every day, I prepare food to feed these dogs all over the Kingdom. The main goal behind this initiative is to change people's look towards these dogs, so that people get to know them so that they can live with us peacefully. The dogs should not be abandoned, neglected, or left sick, with people thinking that we should get rid of these street dogs."

Morshed posts videos of the dogs online

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) JORDANIAN MAN FEEDING STRAY DOGS, NADER ABD AL-RAHEEM AL-MORSHED, SAYING:"I have been creating these videos for seven years before TikTok. I recently started uploading them so I can make people aware that they are pets that are friendly, they are good with people and children, in your home and in every place. I want to send a message to people to follow in my footsteps. If anyone who can go out and feed them as I do, the dogs will not eat each other or wait for each other to die.”

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