Jordanian collector shows off classic car collection

Step inside this classic car collector’s garage

Location: Amman, Jordan

JORDANIAN CLASSIC CAR COLLECTOR AIMAN QUSOUS STANDING NEXT TO CAR AND SAYING (Arabic): "280 SL, a 1970s model. This car has a 2800 CC (engine). This is an important and rare car. Most classic car collectors look for it."

Aiman Qusous boasts a collection of more than 30 vehicles

Their prices range from $30,000 to $300,000


"These cars represent the history of when they were manufactured. Every car in the collection has a story, it might be of a certain trip, of a friend who sold a car which I bought, and some cars were featured in famous movies whether American or European."

Qusous plans to open a museum within the coming years

to properly preserve his collection and maintain its value

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