Jordanian carpenter carves her place in man's world

Zain al-Jilani is one of the few female carpenters in Jordan

LOCATION: Amman, Jordan

She decided to follow her passion after having studied engineering

but says things have not been easy in the male-dominated profession

CARPENTER, ZAIN AL-JILANI, SAYING:"I love wood and I know that I want to be a female carpenter and I did not hesitate. I have known that I love wood since childhood and I like to create things out of wood. I am a carpenter. But in society, there is a person who is the most famous wood vendor here, who has refused to sell me pieces of wood over the past three years because I am a woman. He kept saying, 'Go find work suited for girls.'"

Al-Jilani learnt carpentry by watching videos on YouTube

and interning at a carpentry shop for several months

Her small business is quickly turning into a lucrative one

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) AL-JILANI'S CLIENT, SARA JABER, SAYING:"Being a female carpenter is strange in our culture. It is very nice though and I support her because women are able to do anything. We have to overcome the culture of shame and it is good to pursue anything we like."

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