Jordanian artist transforms into celebs using makeup

This is Alaa Bliha

Location: Amman, Jordan

The Jordanian artist uses makeup

to turn herself into famous public figures and artists

The 27-year-old entertains her followers on social media

by impersonating famous people

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) JORDANIAN ARTIST, ALAA BLIHA, SAYING:"To be honest it is an exciting feeling to impersonate another person for one or two hours and imitate another character by studying their movements, how they act and delve into this character's world. It can help you overcome the boredom of routines in life."

It takes her three to seven hours

to finish the look for one character

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) JORDANIAN ARTIST, ALAA BLIHA, SAYING: "My message to every artist is that you should not underestimate the efforts you exert. Many people believe it's easy work, thinking it is simply a painting that does not have any meaning. This is not accurate. I receive a lot of positive feedback and I also receive messages from people saying that they are waiting for me to post something, or people who say I make them happy and forget about the boredom."