Jordanian app connects users with sign language interpreters

STORY: This app offers sign language interpreters on speed dial

for people with speech and hearing impairments

Location: Amman, Jordan

‘Sign Book’ connects users to an interpreter for free

to help them communicate in places like banks and hospitals


“My father and mother are deaf, they suffered from their inability to access various services and information due to the unavailability of sign language interpretation, which meant they did not get the best services compared to others. This inspired the idea which I established with other deaf people to provide reasonable accommodation with minimal cost, speed and little effort.”

(SOUNDBITE) (Sign Language accompanied with Arabic interpretation by Ashraf Odeh) JORDANIAN WITH SPEECH AND HEARING IMPAIRMENT, ABDULLAH HAMMAD, SAYING:

“Visual communication through ‘Sign Book’ and the sign language interpreter makes it easier for us to access services quickly and for free.”