Jordan Klepper Sees a Bright Side in the Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

Hunter Biden was found guilty on Tuesday for three counts of felony gun charges, but the recurring Daily Show host Jordan Klepper wasn’t too upset about it.

“Hunter Biden has something in common with Donald Trump,” he said at the start of his late-night monologue. He showed some news footage of the verdict’s aftermath, in which Hunter was described as a “convicted felon.”

“Wow. Frankly, I’m shocked,” Klepper responded. “We’re actually enforcing gun laws in America. Halle-fucking-lujah.”

After the applause died down, he continued: “What has been wild is watching how eager Republicans have been to hold a gun owner accountable.”

Klepper was quick to argue that this change of heart among Republicans is politically motivated; he sarcastically declared Hunter to be “one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds in American history,” and joked that “he’s gotten away with being Joe Biden’s son for years, but today, he faced Delaware justice.”

But even though Klepper believes Republicans don’t actually care about gun control, and he maintained his years-long mockery of the GOP’s obsession with Hunter, he still jokingly argued that this is good news for anyone who cares about gun control laws being enforced.

If Republicans only care about gun laws when Biden’s son breaks them, Klepper suggested, then Democrats should take change their strategy. “All we need is for Joe Biden to adopt every single person in America, and we can finally have some responsible gun control in this country,” he said.

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