Jordan accuses prince of plot to destabilize country

Jordan's government is saying that its former Crown Prince - who claims he's under house arrest - has been involved in a plot that would have disrupted the country's security.

The plot is said to involve an unnamed intelligence agency and several high profile figures have been detained.

Prince Hamza, half brother of King Abdullah, vehemently denied involvement in a video statement given to the BBC.

His mother, former Queen Noor, is calling the allegations a, quote "wicked slander" against her son.

And on Twitter said she prays for justice for innocent victims.

The unfolding crisis within the royal family is likely to damage Jordan's image as a pillar of stability in the Middle East. But several allies, including Britain, the United States, Saudi Arabia and UAE, have released statements of support for King Abdullah.

On Sunday, the Deputy Prime Minister said Prince Hamza had been under investigation for some time.

And, that a foreign intelligence service had contacted the prince's wife to organize a plane for them to leave the country.

King Abdullah removed Prince Hamza from his position as heir to the throne in 2004, in a move that consolidated his power.

Although he has been marginalized for years, Prince Hamza has angered authorities by forging ties with disgruntled figures within powerful tribes.

Such groups have recently been calling for protests against perceived corruption, in a country where unemployment has reached record levels.