Jonathan Wong says there may be "Wonder Women 2"

14 Jan – TVB actor Jonathan Wong recently revealed that there may be a chance for a sequel to his hit TV series, "Wonder Women".

As reported on On CC, the actor, who played the role of Jonathan Mui in the drama top billed by Miriam Yeung and Pakho Chau, shared that he has heard of a sequel in the works, though he cannot confirm it confidently.

"I will ask Miriam if she has new information after the Lunar New Year. I want to know too, because there is a chance for my character to return," he said.

Jonathan is currently enjoying the popularity he experienced from the drama, having played a couple with Alice Chan.

"A lot of endorsers want me and Alice to appear together. I do think we make great partners. Hopefully we can work together again in the future," he added.

However, the actor stated that there is also a chance that the sequel would be something completely different than the original, with the same cast but a different storyline and characters.

(Photo Source: Jonathan Wong Instagram)