Jonathan Majors’ Lawyer Decries ‘Witch Hunt’ Driven by ‘Baseless Claims,’ Cites New Video Evidence but ‘Hesitant to Share It’

Jonathan Majors’ lawyer once again denied domestic assault allegations against her client following a Tuesday hearing, citing “irrefutable” video evidence and a DA who’s eager to tip her client’s accuser off “to change her story again.”

In her statement to the press, attorney Priya Chaudhry also previewed new, unreleased video evidence that allegedly further proves the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” star’s innocence. But she expressed hesitance to share it “for fear the DA will tip the woman off” to change her story once more.

Further muddying the status of the assault allegations against Majors, Chaudhry also decried bias from his arresting police officers, who she says were white. She claimed that upon responding to the call, the “white officer got in Mr. Majors’ face and taunted him, saying that if the officer were to slap Mr. Majors, the officer wouldn’t break his finger. None of the white officers present investigated the assault of Mr. Majors.”

The alleged victim, Majors’ girlfriend at the time, told police she had a broken finger from the assault. Chaudhry had previously released videos and images that showed the woman out and about hours later, using her hands to do routine things like paying with a credit card.

The statement came shortly after Majors appeared via Zoom in a Lower Manhattan court as part of an automatic conference to set his next court date for June 13.

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Read Chaudhry’s full statement acquired by TheWrap below:

We have provided the District Attorney with irrefutable evidence that the woman is lying, including video proof showing nothing happened, especially not where she claimed. We did this with the explicit promise from the DA that they would not “fix” their case and change it as we proved the woman is lying.

Yet this false case continues, the woman’s claimed location shifts, and her story morphs. This is a witch hunt against Jonathan Majors, driven by baseless claims. Instead of dismissing the allegations in the face of the woman’s clear lies, the DA has adjusted the charges to match the woman’s new lies. To be clear, there are no new charges against Mr. Majors.

Now, we have obtained even more video evidence of his innocence, but we are hesitant to share it, for fear the DA will tip the woman off to change her story again.

The criminal justice system is saturated with explicit and implicit bias. When Mr. Majors showed a white police officer the injuries the woman caused him, the white officer got in Mr. Majors’ face and taunted him, saying that if the officer were to slap Mr. Majors, the officer wouldn’t break his finger. None of the white officers present investigated the assault of Mr. Majors. Worse, the District Attorney has not indicated any intention to pursue charges against the woman, or even investigate the truth.

This glaring double standard between the treatment of Jonathan Majors, a Black man weighing 200 lbs, and his accuser, highlights the racial bias that permeates the criminal justice system.

Majors was arrested in New York City on March 25 after the woman called 911 saying he had assaulted her the night before. The six weeks since have seen a number of statements from Chaudhry’s camp, including a release of alleged text messages from Majors’ accuser and security camera screenshots arguing his innocence.

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On April 27, the woman was granted a full temporary restraining order issued “per the People’s request and with the consent of defense counsel,” according to a statement from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Majors was additionally dropped by his management company Entertainment 360 and, per a report from Deadline, his PR team the Lede Company in the midst of the ongoing domestic violence case.

Status of the Emmy-nominated “Lovecraft Country” star’s employment with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was most recently seen as his starring villain role in “Ant-Man on the Wasp,” has also come under intense scrutiny. Currently, his character Kang is due to appear in several other MCU properties, including the fourth “Avengers” movie, “The Kang Dynasty.” Marvel has thus far remained mum about the possibility of replacing him.

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