Jonathan Majors’ Domestic Violence Accuser Will Not Be Prosecuted Despite Arrest, NYC DA Makes Official; “Matter …Closed & Sealed” – Update

UPDATE, 9:10 AM: Less than 24 hours after a New York judge rejected Jonathan Majors’ request to have the domestic violence case against him tossed out, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has officially said they will not be prosecuting the Loki actor’s accuser.

“The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has officially declined to prosecute the case against Grace Jabbari because it lacks prosecutorial merit,” a spokesperson for DA Alvin Bragg stated Thursday morning. “The matter is now closed and sealed.”

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Even though the DA’s office has said for weeks that it would not act on claims that Majors’ ex-girlfriend was the antagonist in the March 25 incident, Jabbari, a British citizen, turned herself in late on Oct.25 at the NYPD’s 10th precinct in Manhattan. Repeatedly denying her client’s guilt, Majors’ main lawyer Priya Chaudhry in June filed a countersuit against Jabbari – which led to the police issuing an investigatory card, or I-Card for Jabbari.

Scheduled to go to trial starting on Nov. 29, Majors faces a year behind bars if found guilty on misdemeanor charges stemming from an incident in and around the actor’s Chelsea apartment on March 25. NYPD officers on the scene found a number of marks, “a laceration” and a finger fracture on Jabbari and arrested Majors.

PREVIOUSLY, OCT 24 PM: A day before a court hearing that could determine whether the domestic violence case against Jonathan Majors goes ahead and to trial, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office Tuesday made some damning accusations against the defense and also said the UK police are now a part of their prosecution.

Details of the London Metropolitan Police report from over a year ago are unknown. However, “medical Records from the United Kingdom, photographs taken by medical providers, and correspondence with [a] medical provider” related to a September 2022 incident are among the new evidence prosecutors acquired, according to a recent filing in the New York criminal case.

Majors is facing misdemeanor charges stemming from an incident in and around the actor’s Chelsea apartment on March 25. Although Majors was the one who called 911 at the time, NYPD officers on the scene found a number of marks, “a laceration” and a finger fracture on now ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari and arrested Majors. He was released within hours after a hearing in front of a judge and has pleaded not guilty.

Majors is facing up to a year behind bars if found guilty on claims being prosecuted by D.A. Alvin Bragg’s office. It is unknown right now if Majors will be present, either virtual or in-person, in Judge Michael Gaffey’s courtroom Wednesday.

Rejecting a defense motion to dismiss the matter, Bragg and Assistant D.A. Keli Galaway also now accuse Majors’ defense team Priya Chaudhry, Seth Zuckerman and David Winkler of “fictional” and “meritless” allegations against their office in an attempt to take the case off track. They also accuse the defense of spreading misinformation about non-existent video footage of the March incident, and claiming charges were coming against Jabbari for supposedly attacking their client. The D.A.’s office adds that Majors’ defense lawyers have been distributing a “wanted flyer” against Jabbari in an effort to shift focus.

“While defendant claims the People did not investigate Ms. Jabbari, a thorough investigation was conducted into the facts of this case and, in doing so, the People have chosen to prosecute Jonathan Majors,” the DA’s office said in its filing, which was made October 13. “Simply because defense counsel does not agree with the People’s use of prosecutorial discretion, it does not follow that an investigation was not conducted.”

Despite the activation of an investigatory card by police, the DA’s office says it has strongly recommended to NYPD detectives not to arrest Jabbari, a British citizen, based on the cross complaint from Majors in June. It added that if the cops did arrest Jabbari, which is expected in the next day or so, it would go nowhere fast.

“On September 8, 2023, and September 12, 2023, the prosecution informed the NYPD that the People would decline to prosecute any charges brought by the NYPD against Ms. Jabbari related to the belated allegations made by defendant regarding the incident on March 25, 2023.”

Jabbari is intended as a witness for the prosecution in the much-delayed trial, and the DA said today its office is paying for her to fly over from UK. It also is paying for her lodging while in the U.S. for the trial – whenever it actually starts.

While Majors does appear in the recently premiered second season of Disney+’s Loki, the actor was dropped by management company Entertainment 360 and publicist The Lede Company in April. Various ad campaigns featuring the WME-repped Majors, such as one for the World Series-bound Texas Rangers, were also quickly cut short soon after his arrest.

As numerous roles dried up for Majors in the aftermath of the charges. the likelihood for an Oscar campaign from Searchlight Pictures for his acclaimed performance in the Sundance film Magazine Dreams looks increasingly unlikely.

The Manhattan D.A.’s office had no comment today on its latest filing.

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