Jonathan Adler’s Second Rug Collection Is Going Alfresco

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Jonathan Adler’s Rug Collection Is Going AlfrescoFrank Frances Studio

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If you loved the exuberant rug collection Jonathan Adler debuted last summer with Ruggable, get ready for even more carpet magic. The potter and designer is back with a new series of what he likes to call “rugga-bling.” “My three favorite words are more, more, and more,” he tells us. “And thankfully this collection delivers on all three. More groovy graphics, more chic critters.”

Adler (the first major designer to collaborate with the rug brand) channeled that more-is-more mentality into the all-new collection of 16 rugs, with some small enough for your entryway and others large enough for your living room. Each rug showcases the same rabid eclecticism Adler aficionados know and love: Tigers and snow leopards show up against rich jewel tones; two waterfall rugs feature a curvy cascade of teals and reds; the Greenwich rugs tout an elegant uniformity in their deconstructive play on traditional Greek symbols.

Photo credit: Frank Frances Studio
Photo credit: Frank Frances Studio

All rugs are available in dimensions from 3 x 5 feet to 9 x 12 feet, including a few runner sizes. And did we mention they’re washable? Each comes equipped with a pad that detaches when you want to toss the rug in a washing machine, a perk that is even more impressive at its price point, running from $109 to $949.

The doormats—in Adler icons like shh-ing lips, peeping eyes, and a colorful banana—are an especially fun addition for any maximalist needing a little splash of attitude at the door. “I wasn’t content with ‘rugga-bling’ on the inside of people’s homes,” Adler says. “And, voilà, they’re now part of my oeuvre (and my home): Everyone who visits chez Adler-Doonan must first cross the banana doormat at the threshold.”

For Adler, who recently opened a flagship store in Soho, the expanded Ruggable collection is an extension of a design empire that pays tribute to words of advice given at an early age. “The only life lesson I can remember my mother teaching me is that I should never be banal,” Adler says. “Life’s too short to look back and see an endless sea of beige. But a bold blue and white snow leopard? Yes please.”

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