Jon Stewart Roasts Team Trump’s ‘Way Around the One Thing That Got in Their Way – Voters’ (Video)

Jon Stewart isn’t the first to say that the midterm election in just 10 days is the most important one the U.S. has faced in modern history. But on his Friday night Apple TV+ show “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” he also points out that the game and all the rules that usually go with it have changed. And who loses out in the end — the voter.

“The 2022 mid-term election is finally upon us. It turns out the ultimate test of a democracy is not the vote, but the acceptance of said vote. And our two current presidents agree,” he adds with a “yeah, right” grin.

“Ultimately, Trump’s electoral challenges, whether in the courts or through audits, have shown this past presidential election to be well-run and accurate. And his own Department of Homeland Security said as much,” Stewart said in his monologue. “But rather than be humbled on the sacred altar of democracy, Trump and his team were emboldened to figure out a way around the one thing that got in their way —  voters.”

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Stewart rolled a compilation of clips that shows in no uncertain terms or ambiguity that Trump’s team has been setting up a means to their end of getting into – and staying in – power.

“We’re going to take over the election apparatus,” Steve Bannon said in one quick cut. “Volunteer to become an election official. Run for county clerk and overthrow these county clerks. Take over the Secretaries of State.”

“I can’t stress enough how important the Secretary of State offices are,” Jim Marchant, candidate for Nevada Secretary of State, then said at a rally. “We control the election system.”

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Stewart pointed out that elections are run by administrators, who are partisan, but “not ideologues, or zealots or crazy people.” And they’re in those positions for a very long time. So how, exactly, do you get rid of them? Intimidation and threats.

“One in six election workers report being threatened or harassed. One in three have left their posts because of safety concerns, and maybe the most incredible part of what is, more than likely, an existential threat to what’s been built in this country over the past couple of hundred years, is how not secret the plan is,” Stewart said.

Cue a clip of Donald Trump saying at a rally, “If you look at the way they counted the ballots. Remember, the ballot counter is far more important, sadly, in our country than the candidate.”

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