Who Is Jon Bernthal’s Wife? All About Erin Angle

Bernthal and Angle married in 2010 and have three children together

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p> Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal in 2022

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal in 2022

Most couples can't say Willie Nelson impacted their relationship — but Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle can.

Thanks to a little nudge from the country music icon, Bernthal has been happily married to Angle since 2010.

The couple met in 2000 in their 20s and experienced the ups and downs of life, love and work together. After Nelson’s nudge, the couple decided to get married and now have three children, ​​Henry, Billy and Adeline. The family lives in Ojai, Calif. along with a few beloved dogs.

So, who is Jon Bernthal's wife? Here is everything to know about Erin Angle and her relationship with the actor.

She’s from Pittsburgh

<p>Joe Scarnici/WireImage</p> Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle in 2011

Joe Scarnici/WireImage

Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle in 2011

Angle was born in Pittsburgh in 1976.

She got her nursing degree in 1998 and received her master of science degree in anesthesiology in 2008.

She’s a nurse

When she met Bernthal, Angle was working as a trauma nurse at Georgetown University Hospital.

After they started dating, she moved with Bernthal to Boston and worked there, then moved to Los Angeles with him before relocating to San Francisco for a short amount of time.

Her uncle is pro wrestler Kurt Angle

<p>Michael Kovac/WireImage</p> Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle in 2011

Michael Kovac/WireImage

Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle in 2011

Angle didn't follow her uncle Kurt Angle into the WWE, but she can count him as part of her family tree.

“She comes from a family of champion wrestlers,” Bernthal told Esquire of his wife’s legacy in 2018. “She understands me.”

Angle and Bernthal met at a party in 2000

It was love at first sight for Bernthal, who met Angle at a party at a bar in Washington, D.C. Both were in their early 20s and just getting started in their careers.

“I came over and was just rudely messing around, and I know this is the corniest thing in the world, but when I actually saw Erin, it was literally like angels were singing,” Bernthal recounted in 2018. “I had never seen anyone so beautiful.”

Willie Nelson played a pivotal role in their relationship

<p>Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic</p> Jon Bernthal in 2022

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jon Bernthal in 2022

Angle and Bernthal dated for a handful of years before tying the knot, but they did go through a breakup while Bernthal “did a bunch of dumb stuff” — and country legend Willie Nelson was instrumental in getting them back together.

According to Bernthal, he reached out to Nelson directly with a special song request before the pair attended a concert.

“I snuck backstage. I found this beautiful postcard and wrote Willie this long letter and rolled him a beautiful joint and told him the situation with me and my woman,” Bernthal shared. “I told him she’s a good-hearted woman in love with a good-timin’ man, and I asked him to play this one song, 'Always on My Mind,' for us, and he did.”

It did the trick, and Nelson continues to be a touchstone for the couple.

She’s a country music fan

A quick scroll through Bernthal’s Instagram reveals that the couple loves some classic outlaw country; son Henry’s middle name is Waylon Jennings.

The actor told Men’s Health that a 2018 Nelson concert was a special moment for the whole family. “I turned to [the kids] and said, ‘Hey, guys, this is Willie Nelson, and he’s real important to your mama,’ ” he shared, adding that the kids sat down to enjoy the music alongside their parents.

“I’m sitting there at the show with my kids and thinking, ‘This is the best moment of my life. This is peace.’ ”

Angle and Bernthal married in 2010

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p> Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal in 2022

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal in 2022

After Nelson brought them back together, Angle and Bernthal were married in Potomac, Md., in September 2010, with Bernthal’s acting teacher serving as officiant.

Angle wore a strapless tiered gown with a veil and added a cluster of flowers to her low chignon updo.

She’s a devoted mother

<p>Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic</p> Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle with their children in 2016

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle with their children in 2016

Angle and Bernthal are parents to three active kids; Henry was born in 2011, Billy in 2013 and Adeline in 2015. When young Adeline was diagnosed with encephalitis and fell into a coma for several days, Angle was by her side the entire time, even when Adeline didn’t recognize her family at first.

“People talk about bravery like fake macho bravery, but my wife didn’t flinch,” Bernthal shared of the emotional experience. “What I saw in my wife was courage and beauty unlike I’d ever seen.”

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