JoJo Siwa Is in Disbelief That Her Girlfriend Moved in at Age 17: 'Clearly U-Haul Lesbians Are a Very Real Thing'

Siwa previously dated ex Kylie Prew before revealing they were no longer together in June 2022

JoJo Siwa is looking back on her past decisions in relationships.

During an appearance on Call Her Daddy Tuesday, the former child star reflected on her decision to move in with a significant other at 17.

In a conversation about living alone for the first time, Siwa reflected on the time when she was living with her parents and a significant other under the same roof.

"As a 20-year-old, I look at 16-year-olds and I'm like, 'Oh my God. You are the age that my girlfriend was when she moved in to my house," she told host Alex Cooper on the podcast. "Like, clearly U-Haul lesbians are a very real thing because I was one without even knowing what one was."

Looking back, Siwa says it was a mix of things that led to their living together like the pandemic, summer and not wanting to be long distance. One thing led to another and they started living like "a married couple at 17 and 16."

<p>Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic</p> JoJo Siwa in Beverly Hills in March 2024


JoJo Siwa in Beverly Hills in March 2024

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"We had a breakup. It is so hard and so great at the same time," she said.

"Looking back, all of us are like, 'That should've never happened. My mom says all the time, 'I should've never allowed my 16-year-old's partner to live with us. That was not healthy for you, much less her and her family. Someone should've put their foot down.' But no one at the time felt it was right to," she continued.

Though Siwa doesn't specify which ex she's referring to, she dated Kylie Prew after they met on a cruise in 2020.

"I told her my whole spiel that I tell everyone when they ask me my life story," Siwa later told PEOPLE about their first encounter. "She goes, 'I could have Googled that. I want to know your life story. You just told me about your career. I want to know about you.' And I was like, 'No one's ever asked me that before.'"

<p>Rodin Eckenroth/Getty</p> JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew in Los Angeles in June 2022

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew in Los Angeles in June 2022

Siwa and Prew went public with their relationship in February 2021, one month after she came out as LGBTQ. They made their red carpet debut in September of that year.

They dated for nine months before splitting that October and reconciled in April 2022. A few weeks and a joint trip to Disney World later, she officially confirmed on Instagram that they were back on.

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During an Instagram Live in June 2022, Prew said she and Siwa were no longer together, but that there is no bad blood between them. "I've been single for almost two months and it's OK, it's not deep I promise, it's, everything's fine," Prew explained. "Not everything has to be messy and gross because it's not and I just want to clear the air."

Prew added that she and Siwa are "safe and happy and healthy and that's all that matters."

Since then, Siwa dated TikTok creator Avery Cyrus for three months before breaking up in December 2022.

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