Johor teacher continues teaching despite breathing difficulties, warms hearts on social media (VIDEO)

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Despite her breathing difficulties, Syaria’h continues to teach her Form Six students. — Picture via Twitter
Despite her breathing difficulties, Syaria’h continues to teach her Form Six students. — Picture via Twitter

PETALING JAYA, April 18 — A teacher in Johor, who continues to teach despite her health issues, has earned the admiration of social media users.

A video of the teacher, shown carrying on in class with a respiratory device, made rounds on TikTok last week.

While the original 13-second clip has been taken down, the video has since been re-uploaded on Twitter by user rulduff.

Identifying the teacher in question as his aunt, Syaria'h Abdullah, rulduff shared that she has chronic asthma and had just recovered from Covid-19.

“She continues to teach despite having to use a respiratory device, because she was worried her Upper Six students would be left behind. I really salute my aunt’s dedication,” said rulduff on his Twitter thread.

Speaking to Malay Mail, rulduff said the video was taken by a student right after Syaria’h’s discharge from hospital, where she was admitted due to Covid-19.

He added that Syaria’h has been an enormous source of support to her nieces and nephews, offering them free tutoring sessions.

“She has even given us all mental and financial support, especially when we were broke university students.

“As far as I know, she also runs free tutoring sessions at her school for students who need help.

“She’s an inspiration to us all,” said rulduff.

Ex-students on Twitter have chimed in, sharing more stories of the teacher’s good deeds.

“Even though she didn’t teach my class, she was nice to us and even donated food to students,” said one user.

Other users commended the teacher’s passion, and offered prayers for her speedy recovery.

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