Johor exco denies issuing support letter to facilitate father’s affairs

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

JOHOR BARU, May 5 — Johor Youth, Sports, Entrepreneur Development, Cooperatives and Human Resources Committee chairman Mohd Hairi Mad Shah has denied using his position to issue a support letter to facilitate government-related matters for his father.

He said a letter circulating on social media claiming so is fake and an irresponsible act for involving his family members.

“Today, I was asked by many media friends about the letter that was disseminated and postings on social media alleging that I abused my power to issue the purported support letter.

“With regards to the letter, I deny issuing or using the letter that was disseminated,” he said in a statement posted on his official Facebook last night.

Mohd Hairi, who is the Larkin assemblyman, did not rule out that the letter was possibly edited with the intention of damaging his reputation.

“With the availability of various applications and technology today, it is not impossible that the fake letter was edited by certain parties.

“I believe that this was deliberately done with the intention of discrediting my reputation as an elected representative and state government office bearer,” he said.

Yesterday, a support letter purportedly from Mohd Hairi was disseminated on social media shortly after a self-described expose group Edisi Siasat posted it on its Telegram group.

Contents of the letter, addressed to all relevant government departments and agencies, was said to facilitate assistance for a man named Mohd Shah Alus, who was identified as Mohd Hairi’s father.