Johor Civil Defence Force identifies flood hotspots for monsoon preparations

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

JOHOR BARU, Sept 21 — Johor Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) assistant commissioner Kamal Mokhtar said 141 flood prone hotspots have been identified throughout the state from data collection efforts.

He said the locations of flash and major floods in Johor have been compiled by the agency for the past five years.

All 10 districts in the state, including Segamat, Pontian and Tangkak, were at risk of flooding during the North-east monsoon expected from November until March next year, he said.

“At present, we are prepared with a manpower strength of 1,000 members to be mobilised at any time for disasters that occur at the state level.

“In terms of manpower and logistics, it is sufficient as it is not only APM that will be mobilised during the monsoon period, but will have the participation of various other agencies involved,” said Kamal after a test run of the APM public system at the Johor Baru APM office here today.

Kamal said the Johor government has also held a meeting of the State Disaster Management Committee to discuss the preparation of related agencies for this year and the next.

For APM, he added it has implemented several proactive measures to be fully prepared in any disaster that occurs in the state.

“Johor has experienced a relatively humid weather with several flash floods occurring in most of the districts here throughout the year.

“Following that, we have been prepared from the start of this year until the end,” he said.

Kamal added that Johor APM has also conducted various forms of training in preparation for the floods in the state, which are expected to start from December until next February.

“APM will also use electric type PWS sirens at the Johor Baru district office as an early warning on the threat of disasters or emergencies.

“The sirens also function as a medium to train and educate the public to take appropriate action in critical situations, in addition to making public announcements and notifications,” said Kamal.