Johnny Depp Trial: Doctor Says Actor’s Severed Fingertip Was Found on Kitchen Floor

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Johnny Depp’s private physician says he helped the actor clean a wound on his finger, took him to the hospital and then returned to the star’s house to look for the missing digit — which Depp’s personal chef found on the kitchen floor, according to a videotaped deposition played in court Monday.

The testimony was part of Depp’s civil case against ex-wife Amber Heard, whom he says defamed him in a Washington Post op-ed. The actor is seeking $50 million in damages; while Heard counter-sued him for $100 million.

Dr. David Kipper described an incident from March 2015 when Depp cut off part of his finger. The actor previously claimed it was sliced off when Heard threw a bottle at him, but Kipper said in a videotaped deposition last week that Depp sent him a text message saying he cut his own finger.

In either case, Kipper told attorneys he was informed the cut came from a knife, adding: “I cleaned his wound” before taking Depp to the hospital.

Kipper said he went back to the house to look for the fingertip, which Depp’s personal chef found on the kitchen floor. Kipper noted there was broken glass in the kitchen and “there was blood around the home.”

The doctor said Depp told emergency room doctors that he cut his finger with a knife. That contradicts what Depp’s attorneys told the jury during opening statements, that Heard threw a bottle at Depp, severing part of his finger.

Kipper said he saw Heard the same day and didn’t notice any signs of abuse or bruising. He said Heard never sought medical attention from him for alleged abuse; she did seek medical attention in December 2015, however, for a headache after she reported hitting her head. Doctors performed a physical examination but did not document any injuries.

During testimony Thursday, Kipper said he treated the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star for addiction to alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, and cocaine. The concierge doctor was hired by Depp to provide 24/7 private treatment for substance abuse.

Kipper said Depp struggled during detox and would get angry with him for insisting he take his medication; he claimed Depp fired him several times because he wanted to stop taking it. Kipper’s nurse reported finding Depp with “scraped and bloody knuckles” after punching a wall during a fight with Heard at his home in the Bahamas. She also reported Depp kicked in a trailer door out of frustration while on a movie set.

Both Depp and Heard are expected to take the stand during what could be a six-week trial in Fairfax, Virginia.

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