Johnny Depp: 'The only person I've abused in my life is myself'

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Johnny Depp finished testifying on Monday after four long days on the stand. The 58-year-old actor is suing Amber Heard over a 2018 op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post in which she described herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse."

After a redirect by his defense team, Depp concluded by telling the jury, once again, that he was the victim of domestic violence in his and Heard's relationship. He said arguments would lead "to physical violence" on her part. A phone conversation between the Aquaman star and Depp was played in court. The conversation occurred after the actress filed for divorce and a temporary restraining order (TRO) in May 2016.

Johnny Depp testifies in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia on April 25, 2022
Johnny Depp testifies in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia on April 25, 2022. (Photo: Reuters)

"I don't know how to get my reputation back," Heard says to Depp.

"We write a letter together. Saying that we are going to take this out of the public eye. Saying that we are going to try and work this out on our own... that the media has created such a f****** hateful storm that it's sickening," Depp replies.

"Every ounce of my credibility has been taken... in a dishonest way," Heard adds.

"Amber, the abuse, the abuse thing — we've got to deal with that," Depp says, adding, "Why did you put that out there?"

"You forced me," Heard replies. "Your team, forced me to by going on the offense."

"The last time it got crazy between us I really did think I was gonna lose my life. And I thought you would do it on accident," Heard says.

"Amber, I lost a f****** finger man, come on. I had a f****** ... can of mineral spirits thrown at my nose," Depp says.

"You can please tell people that it was a fair fight, and see what the jury and judge thinks. Tell the world Johnny, tell them Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp, a man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence," Heard says.

In court on Monday, Depp reiterated that Heard's abuse claims are "completely untrue" and that he was "blinding hurt" when her accusations became public.

"The only person I've abused in my life is myself," Depp declared, later adding, "I was guilty until proven innocent."

Depp tried to explain his vulgar text messages, explaining the way he writes is "abstract humor" and just a way he can "express myself."

"The text that is about burning Ms. Heard, it's directly from Monty Python in the sketch about burning witches and then drowning the witches. This is a film we all watched... it's just irreverent and abstract humor, that's what we were referring to in those texts," Depp said, referring to a text he sent to WandaVision star Paul Bettany.

Depp testified about Bettany and Heard's "abominable" relationship.

"Ms. Heard despised Mr. Bettany because, mainly, we had become such close friends and for her, he was a threat. He would take me away from her," Depp said. "If Paul Bettany was getting the attention from me, that was a showstopper. It would cause all kinds of unpleasantries."

Depp talked about a time Heard was "mean" and "rude" when they were with the Bettany family. The actor alleged that Heard made Bettany's then 18-year-old son cry and "demeaned that young man to the point where he burst into tears and walked away."

When asked about a recording from July 2016 in which Depp threatens to cut himself, the actor said, "I wasn't threatening to hurt myself."

Heard and Depp met in San Francisco, which was set up by their former manager.

"I was confused as to why Ms. Heard wanted to meet with me," Depp said, noting the actress's TRO.

"I was quite confused as to why I had been summoned to her at that point since all the news was just about the fact that I had allegedly done all these horrible things to her," the actor stated, saying he agreed to meet her "in hopes she would retract her lies that the world was now fed."

"In no way was she ready to do that and I couldn't understand why I was there," Depp said, noting "everything had been taken from me."

Depp had a knife in his pocket and told Heard to "take my blood."

"I was at the end. I was broken," the actor continued. "Take my blood. It's all I've got left to give you. Obviously, there was no threat to Ms. Heard with that knife, it was about spilling my blood because I thought that was the only thing she didn't have at that point."

After Depp's testimony concluded, Ben King was called to the stand. King was a house manager for the couple in London for four weeks in 2014. He worked for them again in Australia in 2015, when Depp's finger was severed. King is the one who found Depp's fingertip and spoke about how there was "lots of other broken glass around" the bar area.

Depp testified that his finger was severed when Heard threw a vodka bottle at him. King said he saw "a lot of blood" and that there was a broken vodka bottle in the area. King testified that he saw no visible marks on Heard's face after the incident. (She claims she was abused and the victim of a three-day hostage situation.)

King testified how he witnessed "several" arguments between Heard and Depp. He said the actress sounded like a "spoiled teenage child" during one fight. King noted how Depp would often try and leave the room to de-escalate the situation. King never witnessed any physical violence between the pair.

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