Jon Stewart Breaks Down In Tears Paying Tribute To OG ‘Daily Show’ Dog Crew Member Dipper: “In A World Of Good Boys, He Was The Best”

Things got emotional for Jon Stewart three episodes into his return to The Daily Show. The political commentator announced that his dog Dipper had died the night before.

“In a world of good boys, he was the best,” Stewart said, honoring his dog’s loss.

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Stewart recalled that twelve years ago, his kids wanted to raise money for an animal shelter in NYC called Animal Haven. His kids baked cupcakes and set up a table outside the shelter to sell them and brought out a brindle pitbull who had lost his right leg after being hit by a car.

“I thought I’d get further,” Stewart said as he choked up with emotion, remembering his dog.

Stewart and his family left the organization alongside the pitbull they named Dipper. The Comedy Central host said Dipper “used to come to The Daily Show every day. He was part of the OG Daily Show dog crew.”

“We’d come to tape this show, and Dipper would wait for me to be done,” he said. “He met actors and authors and presidents and kings. And he did what the Taliban could not do, which is, put a scare into Malala Yousafzai.”

The show ran a clip of Yousafzai turning away at the sight of Dipper when she was a guest on The Daily Show.

With tears in his eyes, Stewart said, “Dipper passed away yesterday. He was ready. He was tired, but I wasn’t. And the family, we were all together.”

“My wish for you is one day you find that dog, that one dog… It’s just… It’s the best,” Stewart concluded before dedicating a moment of silence to Dipper. It was a video of him playing in the snow rolled along with the credits.

Watch the touching moment in the video above.

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