John Oliver Questions Tucker Carlson’s Comprehension Skills, Considering His ‘Resting Concussion Face’ (Video)

John Oliver remains unsubtle in his insults, particularly for people like Tucker Carlson. On Sunday night, Oliver mocked the Fox News’ host’s “resting concussion face,” and questioned his comprehension skills.

The “Last Week Tonight” host’s words came during his main segment, in which Oliver focused on bail reform throughout the country. He criticized those who are using campaign ads to target it, specifically with the messaging that ending cash bail will “put dangerous criminals back on the streets.” To back up his point, Oliver called up footage of an interview between Carlson and Paul Digiacomo, the president of the Detectives’ Endowment Association.

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In the clip, Digiacomo says that “there’s a correlation between the bail reform” and the increase of violent crime in New York City, to which Carlson responds “It seems so clear that it is.”

“Wow. I’m honestly surprised anything seems clear to a man with resting concussion face,” Oliver mocked. “He honestly looks like he’s studying a full body mirror, desperately trying to find his penis.”

But Oliver quickly turned his ire from Carlson to Texas congressman Michael McCaul — and Fox News at large, for booking him to appear — who claimed that bail reform was the direct cause of the attack of Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. McCaul argued that by supporting bail reform, “you’re just asking for this sort of incident to happen.”

And at that, Oliver had to point out some inaccuracies — including the fact that the suspect was not actually out on bail. The “Last Week Tonight” host also noted that the man wouldn’t have been released from prison specifically on bail, because if he’s in prison, he’s already been convicted. And then, Oliver turned to McCaul’s attire.

“Choosing a narrow tie knot when your head is that big makes it look like a birthday balloon sailing over the Capitol dome,” Oliver joked. “That is three big mistakes from that very grump balloon.”

You can watch Oliver’s full segment on bail reform in the video above.

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