John Oliver Mocks ‘Bulls–‘ GOP Conspiracy Theories Hinged on ‘Well Organized’ Democrats: Who’s ‘Stupid Enough to Buy That?’ (Video)

As the midterms bear down upon us this week, John Oliver spent most of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday talking about Republicans’ continued efforts to subvert the results of the elections, even before they come in. But the host wanted to make one thing clear: right-wing conspiracy theories are “bulls—,” simply because they’re hinged on the idea that Democrats are “well organized.”

Oliver dove right into his main topic on the show (though he did sneak in a few digs at Elon Musk and the current state of Twitter first) laying out a laundry list of reasons that people need to be sure to get out and vote. Throughout the segment, the late night host tore apart several conspiracy theories pushed by election deniers.

But at the end of the day, the host argued, there’s really only one thing that stands in the way of these lies being true.

“One of the big clues that these conspiracy theories are bulls—, is that so many of them are predicated on the belief that the Democratic Party is well organized,” Oliver said. “Who on Earth is stupid enough to buy that bulls—?”

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You can watch Oliver’s full segment on election subversion in the video above.

Oliver took particular delight in this idea, considering how twice impeached former president Donald Trump sounded confused himself, back when he was asking the Secretary of State in Georgia to help his team “find” votes in 2021.

Playing back the audio of the phone call between Trump and Brad Raffensperger, Oliver joked that it’s “still incredible” to listen to, and “a cold chill ran down my urethra” just from hearing Trump’s voice again.

“It’s genuinely amazing to listen to someone attempt a coup with the same focused energy of a dad struggling to remember his family’s McDonald’s order,” Oliver mocked.