John Oliver calls out Fabio for bizarre Hamas comparison

John Oliver called out Fabio Lanzoni after the actor compared the Nazis to Hamas and claimed that at least Nazis kept their crimes “kind of quiet”.

The Zoolander actor was invited onto Fox Business over the weekend, where he discussed the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

During the 10-minute interview, Mr Lanzoni made some particularly wild statements concerning Hamas, who stormed into Israel on 7 October, killing 1,400 people and taking hundreds hostage across the Gaza border.

Speaking about Hamas, the actor told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto: “These people find so much pleasure to kill, it’s the worst – 10,000 times worse than the Nazi.”

He went on to suggest that Hamas terrorists seem too gleeful in publicising how many Jewish people they killed. “At least the Nazi, they kept it kind of quiet,” he said.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver called out the actor, simply known as Fabio, for his bizarre comment.

“Hold on Fabio,” Mr Oliver said during his Sunday night show. “Far be it for me to contradict a noted geopolitical expert and former ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ spokesperson, but ‘at least the Nazis kept it kind of quiet?!’”

“The Nazis kept it many things,” Mr Oliver continued. “They kept it punctual. They kept it blond. They kept it humorless. And yes, they kept it tight. They were well-tailored pieces of s***, but subtlety was famously very much not their calling card, Fabio!”

John Oliver called out Fabio Lanzoni after the actor compared the Nazis to Hamas (HBO)
John Oliver called out Fabio Lanzoni after the actor compared the Nazis to Hamas (HBO)

Elsewhere in the interview, Fabio called president Biden the “weakest president in the history of the United States,” and hatched conspiracy theories about the roots of the conflict, which, he claimed, one would arrive at “if you really do your research.”

“Israel was closing a deal with Saudi Arabia… so that they could ship all the oil to Europe – and, of course, most of the oil comes from Russia – and to Asia,” Fabio speculated. “So, of course, who was selling the oil to Asia? Iran. That is why Iran, all of a sudden, attacked Israel. That’s the real reason.”

He also defended Israel, who launched retaliatory strikes on Gaza after the 7 October attack, which have killed at least 13,000 Palestinians.

“Israel is just trying to defend itself,” Fabio said. “If anything would have happened in the United States like it happened on Oct. 7, the United States would have nuked the border country,” the actor added.

Human rights organisations have called for an urgent ceasefire in the region, with a United Nations report finding that 70 percent of those killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza were women and children – despite claims by the IDF that the airstrikes are targeting Hamas militants.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has so far resisted calls for a ceasefire as well as pressure from the US for a humanitarian pause, saying there will be no temporary ceasefire until all hostages are released.