John Legend Shared an Adorable Photo of His "Mini-Me" Miles

Emily Dixon
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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Harper's BAZAAR

  • John Legend posted the cutest photo of son Miles on Instagram Wednesday.

  • He captioned the snap of his son—who looks just like him—"Mini-me cautiously/optimistically watching these election results come in."

  • Chrissy Teigen shared another photo of Miles from the same day, and it's every bit as adorable.

If his latest Instagram post is anything to go by, John Legend is handling this unbearably protracted vote counting process an awful lot better than me. On Wednesday, he shared an adorable snap of his doppelgänger son Miles Stephens smiling in an outdoor photoshoot, captioning the Instagram post, "Mini-me cautiously/optimistically watching these election results come in." John! Could I borrow a bit of that cautious optimism before I run out of chips to stress eat?

Chrissy Teigen also shared a photo of Miles from the same day, and it's just as cute:

Miles had his first taste of the electoral process earlier this week, when he and sister Luna joined parents Legend and Teigen on stage at a rally for the Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. Legend performed at the Philadelphia rally, and invited Teigen and his children to greet the audience. ""I want to send a shoutout—actually, can you come onstage, baby?" he said. "I want you guys to see, my wife is here. My daughter, Luna, is here. My son, Miles, is here. We're teaching our young people early to participate in their democracy."

Tweeting a video of her appearance, Teigen joked about her inability to speak on stage. "All I could muster was 'hi everyone!' This mouth of mine and that’s all I could do," she wrote. "An honor to be in Philly to support Kamala and Joe."

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