John David Washington Fights Against the Robot Apocalypse in First Trailer for ‘The Creator’ (Video)

Ready to fight “The Creator?”

The first trailer has finally arrived for the new sci-fi epic that stars John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe and Sturgill Simpson. And you can watch it above.

“The Creator,” formerly known as “True Love,” was written and directed by visionary filmmaker Gareth Edwards (2014’s “Godzilla,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”). It depicts a bleak future where humankind has gone to war against artificial intelligence (and you thought them writing scripts was bad). A human resistance soldier uncovers the ultimate AI weapon, in the form of a young boy.

The new movie features many of Edwards’ key “Rogue One” collaborators, including producer Kiri Hart, composer Michael Giacchino and cinematographer Greig Fraser (who worked alongside Oren Soffer).

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And honestly, a lot of the imagery in the “Creator” trailer feels like an echo of the work Edwards did, at least initially, on “Rogue One” – the firefight on the beach, the desperate race through an underground subway station, the juxtaposition of a small human rebellion against the giant weight of oppression. (Famously, “Rogue One” was extensively reworked right up until release and many of these elements, viewable in the initial marketing materials, didn’t make the final cut.)

This movie looks big while still retaining the necessary amount of heart. And Edwards is always good about grounding oversized sci-fi concepts like a giant monster attacking a city or a go-for-broke suicide mission to steal plans for the Death Star, in actual human stakes and emotion. “The Creator” looks no different, with a vast, fantastical backdrop featuring real-world characters and situations. And considering the conversation around AI, it couldn’t come at a better time. Let the discussion begin!

“The Creator” will be released on Sept. 29, in Imax and traditional theaters.

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