Joey Yung suffered from knee inflammation from overexertion

10 Sep – Hong Kong pop diva Joey Yung recently revealed that she has actually been suffering from knee inflammation caused by overexertion during her recent "Pretty Crazy" concert series.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer recently shared a photo of her on a wheelchair at a hospital, and explained the reason why she had to be wheelchair-bound.

"This is my body after the concert. The physical strain on the body has reached the level of depletion. Every joints are telling me that they need a good rest, especially my legs," she wrote.

Joey admitted that in early August, prior to her concert, she went to a clinic to ask the doctors to help her with the inflammation of her knees so that she could perform smoothly at her concert.

"Every single day since 24 August, my knees would feel as if it's on fire. I couldn't bend it, had to soak it in hot water, and went to the doctors to reset it," she added.

However, the singer stated that the situation became more serious recently as her knees began to swell to the size of two big balls. She finally had to use a wheelchair to see the doctors, where they drained out two 50cc trays of fluid from her knees.

"The doctor asked me to try and walk. I didn't dare try it at first, but then I was able to do it. Although it was slow, it no longer felt like there were needles poking me," she said.

Joey stressed that she was not trying to scare anybody with her story, but that she just finds it interesting the kind of sacrifices she makes for the sake of art.

The singer also continues to meet up with friends, with Hins Cheung recently sharing a photo of her walking with a cane.

(Photo Source: Joey Yung Instagram)