Joey Yap's horoscope predictions for 2014


The arrival of the Wood Horse, which signals a departure from the sluggish energies of the Water Snake Year, heralds a new set of beneficial natural energies. This means that as long as you work hard, there are plenty of wonderful opportunities and positive achievements for you in a promising year. It is no surprise, for the Year of the Horse houses several positive Stars, lighting your path in whatever you do in 2014. But in the midst of the excitement, do take the time to look after your personal well-being, for there could be slight dip of luck in that department.

With both career prospects and wealth outlook on the rise, this is the year for you to put your best foot forward and make your mark. Most of your endeavors will be well-oiled for the coming year, as you won’t be lacking in friends and family who will be there with you through thick and thin. However, it is also important that you know how to be reciprocal when it comes to being nice to others.

One of the highlights of the year comes in the form of the Golden Lock Star, a positive star that emits blessings for wealth-related endeavours. This means there are strong possibilities of some pleasant financial gains this year, likely stemmed from a pay raise or bonus. Stay proactive this year, as your hard work will be paid off handsomely at the end of the day. Opportunities will be aplenty and if you do spot them, make sure to take full advantage of it as it would go a long way in setting a secure foundation for your future.

With your wealth potential maximized, inevitably this could be a busy year for you. However, don’t make it as an excuse to neglect your health. The health outlook for the Horses is not too bad this year, but it pays to be mindful of several minor health issues cropping up throughout the coming months. A hectic schedule will occupy most of your time, so be sure to take adequate care and drink plenty of water. Avoid high intake of caffeine and unhealthy diet and opt for fruits and more fiber in your daily meal. Injuries are also likely, especially when you handle dangerous equipment, so stay alert and don’t let your mind be preoccupied.

2014 turns out to be a year of many incredible possibilities, be it wealth or professional outlook. As long as you keep to a well-balanced lifestyle by juggling your work and time with a healthy way of living, there’s nothing you should worry your mind with. So bask in your fortunes this year and above all, stay composed and be happy!


2014 is a good year for the Goat. With the company of various positive Stars, the Goats are able to make smooth progress leading to many successful outcomes and greatness ahead. Be prepared to be as busy as a bee as your effort will get you rewarded with financial gains, professional progression and a widening social circle. Above all, there are also strong indications for success in your personal development in life.

Thanks to the extra helping hand from the Sun or Great Yang Star, financial rewards are there to be reaped if you willing to push yourself this year. From promotion at work or a positive switch in your career, you will gain much from your professional effort at work and you will be stimulated by the challenges to achieve more. You will find yourself empowered by a new-found sense of motivation to push yourself with the many exciting prospects laid before you.

Your great achievements at work will benefit you in an overall improvement in your reputation. On your climb to the top, be wary of green-eyed monsters, jealous individuals who are out to give you a run for your money. Pay no heed to their rumor-mongering tactics, as you have far more important things to focus on. The trick here is to pay no attention to negativity because your success and achievement are a result of your hard work and productivity alone, with nothing to do with the jealousy of others.

Negative people aside, let’s not forget those who will be lending you a hand as you progress in your work and wealth-related activities. The help you obtained throughout this year will be further reinforced by the Sun or Great Yang Star and the Grand Duke Combination Star which indicates the availability of Noble people or mentors in your life. 2014 will be a year where you will be able to derive much advantage from the wisdom of others so do keep an open mind and be more sociable. When others do help, take the opportunity to express your gratitude and give credit where due.

Where health is concerned, try not to be too reckless on the road, as there are strong possibilities of injuries this year. Avoid taking dangerous short-cuts and obey the rules of the road, whether you’re behind the wheels or on foot. Make small gradual change in your diet to promote balanced health and maintain consistency.

The sun will keep shining for the Goat in 2014, as no matter what happens, there’s always the presence of silver linings behind even the gloomiest clouds. As long as you keep yourself motivated, there’s little that you will not be able to achieve! The sky’s the limit for you, Goat.


The Monkey will juggle a busy year ahead, fueled by many opportunities in the workplace. You will find various platforms to progress professionally, and this provides you with challenging assignments or projects that pave the way to both wealth and career success. As long as you work steadily to your goals, this is a year where you’ll be able to strive ahead and prove your mantle to the world.

Work will take up most of your time this year but instead of complaining about the workload, be glad as you’ve reached a level where you’re being trusted with heavier responsibilities. You can expect more significant assignments, long-term projects this year alongside with more platforms to showcase what you’re capable of achieving. As such, it would be wise to spend some time in improving on your time management skill to help maintain a balanced workload.

Having said that, it is also important to put a distinction between pushing your limit and taking on more than what you can handle. Remind yourself from time to time that it is your focus to not take on more that you are capable of. This will allow you to focus on producing results based on quality rather than quantity. In the long-run, you are bound to be recognized and rewarded for your tireless efforts in the form of a promotion or bonus. Stay persistent in your work and ensure you have your focus in your goals and objectives.

In terms of planning and managing your finances, it is important to pay attention to the pros and cons associated with what you intend to do. Therefore, before any business deal or investment in real estate, do the necessary research and ensure you understand the bigger picture beforehand. It is also integral to reconsider your decision in extending a loan to your friends or family members. Unless you want an argument on monetary issues to cause a rift in your personal relationship, it is advised of you stay clear from any monetary commitment with your loved ones.

2014 is also a year to stay on your toes. The possibilities of accidents occurring – on the road or while performing dangerous activities – are high, so you must be careful with yourself no matter in what you do. Apart from that, your health outlook is looking bright without the risk of major illness or accident.

In a nutshell, 2014 shall turn out to be an exhilarating year for you. There are financial goals you can achieve and good health outlook to be enjoyed. However, it should be repeated that the road to success is never an easy one. Keep to an open mind, view the bigger picture and don’t let the stress get the best of you. Always continue your climb and find your motivation to press forward and strive for the mark set before you!


A good year is in the card because you get to enjoy an improvement in wealth, advancement in career and opportunities for profitable investment. To top it all up, you are also likely benefited from the support and help from those around you in no matter what you do. You should know that the efforts you put in this year will help to improve all the years that come after. Therefore, learn to push your limit and explore your potential in order to reach the next level.

To have the Moon or Great Yin Star beaming down on you means that there will be plenty of prospective platforms to increase your wealth standing. Before the year ends, various good investment opportunities can be sought and in your career ground, there are openings to scale the corporate ladder. If you play your cards right, you will be able to make a significant change in your financial standing. You are advised to pay attention to the developments in the financial world and be attentive to the cycles of the stock market. The Great Yin Star, which denotes feminine aspect, means the best financial opportunities will be found in female dominated industries such as fashion and beauty.

Remember to make careful consideration about every deal that comes your way before making any decisions. Until you are absolutely sure of its viability, there will be no need to rush into any decision. Forget about investments which sound too good to be true unless you are certain about and trust your instincts. Whenever in doubt, don’t be afraid to seek the advice of those who know better considering you will be surrounded by helpful individuals this year.

While your financial outlook is looking brighter than ever, your health conditions are considered to be dimmed and potential illness is likely this year. If you noticed any symptoms showing up, don’t delay the treatment. Your immune system will also be affected this year, so it is wise to pay attention to your daily intake so that a more balanced diet can be incorporated to strengthen your natural resistance.

Even though 2014 is not far from being perfect, you have the Moon or Great Yin Star to cushion any negative effects that might surface throughout the twelve months. Don’t worry too much about things you cannot change, instead make the most of all enjoy the work you do and pave the way to a comfortable future!


Lucky you, Dog because in 2014, the lucky Stars are on your side and you can set out to conquer what you previously thought were impossible. Boosted by a feeling of freedom and confidence, you will enjoy an exciting year ahead in pursuing challenging endeavors and finding success and prosperity along the way. Fields that demand high creativity and those that focus on academic pursuits will also be boosted so if you are involved in either, then you are likely to make significant headway in 2014.

This year the shine of the Three Stages Star is strong and you will be benefited with success in your career. In other words, you are right to expect a promotion or career advancement to play out to your advantage. It is also a sign of wealth improvement, as your financial performance this year is closely tied with your movement – this means the busier you are at work, the greater the opportunities to earn more and improve your financial standing. Therefore, you should welcome the hectic schedule as a platform to diversify your income as it opens up more avenues for you to explore your wealth potential.

Having your path lighted by an auspicious star, it is almost certain that you will persevere through any obstacles no matter how tough. In fact, as mentioned earlier, you can expect rewards in terms a promotion or a raise. Even those who are self-employed will find an advantage in terms of a heightened ability to diversify and maximize their potential. The presence of the National Treasure Star will further strengthen your chances at rising ranks at the workplace, particularly if your superior is a man.

Nothing will rock your boat when it comes to your yearlong health outlook. Everything seems to be working well, though it might be wise to pay attention to your diet. Try incorporating a healthy exercise regime to promote greater health benefits. More importantly, stay on the safe side and avoid giving in to your daredevil urge by indulging in extreme sports or dangerous activities. Chances for injuries and accidents are high this year, so it is best if you could take good care of yourself in no matter what you do.

There will be much for Dogs to achieve this year and it could very well be a year for them to prove their mantle and explore hidden talent. Remember that you have the positive stars by your side, so exploit every advantage offered to you this year. Use every skill and knowledge at your disposal to maximize your potential. A calm and steady approach is all you need to prosper, but don’t forget to share your successes with loved ones!


With helpful assistance from kind people around you, 2014 is bound to be a smooth sailing course for whatever that you do. Pig must be glad to have the support of the Monthly Virtue Star, as this positive star not only heralds sincere helping hand in your professional and personal arena, it also helps negate the influence of other negative stars which may be present in 2014.

New opportunities to explore and heighten your wealth potential will arrive alongside a wave of new relations in 2014. As such, for much of the year, you will be meeting all sorts of new acquaintances and friends and you should do so with gusto. Therefore, treat 2014 as a platform to allow yourself to break free from the shell. Being a wallflower is not likely to get you far because this will be the year where partnerships and collaborations are the keys to bigger successes.

This also means that if you find yourself struggling in your investment activities, do not be shy of approaching those with sound financial knowledge for advice. These people will provide you with wise words on how to manage your money, leading to better chances of making a gain from your investments.

With an increase in wealth, naturally, the needs to curb your spending should be necessary. Don’t allow yourself to be carried away in terms of spending. Purchase only what is necessary and don’t fall trap to the allure of commercialism. Your wealth will likely benefit from an improved status and performance in accordance to your career, but a thrifty attitude will always allow you to keep your finances in check. Always get a second opinion from trusted acquaintance wherever you’re feeling impulsive or have the urge to spend.

While your wealth and financial outlook are catapulted to an on the upward swing in 2014, the exact same cannot be said about your health. Although isn’t downright bad, your health is in fact looking average, and there is possibility of joint and muscle sprains. So take care when you’re exercising. In terms of general health, there is also heightened risk of disease related to urinary tract, so consult your doctor if symptoms are showing. Don’t delay the treatment until it is too late.

While hectic schedule dominates your time in 2014, don’t forget to spend time with the most important relationship in your life: your family. No matter how busy life is, make it a priority to always give them your utmost attention, not only during important occasions, but also just be there for them through good or bad times. Other than that, enjoy the good year ahead with the rewards it brings.


Good news as there will be little obstacles standing in the way for the Rat in 2014. For start, you will begin the year with a strong desire to explore your potential as you’re determined to achieve your ambitious drive this year. Therefore, if you have proper planning and maintain this drive throughout the year, you will be able to create good starting points for many significant endeavours – this includes improving your financial standing or maintaining a balanced physical or mental health.

While the year gives you plenty of good opportunities to materialize your dreams, you must first begin with realistic and grounded goals, and avoid aiming too high on the scoreboard. The presence of the Month Emptiness Star indicates the tendency to indulge in tall ambitions and a lot of other loft goals. This is especially important to bear in mind, in particular when it comes to your investment and other money-related activities. A whole host of such aspirations may be too much for you to accomplish and you may find yourself burning out – or even incurring loss, before achieving any goals. Therefore, pick financial objectives that are well suited to your capabilities. You can always find time to improve on or refine your goals as you go along.

This is especially true in view of your lackluster wealth luck this year. As such, being sensible has its benefits, particularly under such circumstances. You may find that certain events have pleasant beginning, but a favourable outcome to this initiation might not necessary follow through. For matters of finance and wealth, do beat it in your head that potential losses will happen if you’re involved in risky investment or business plan. Other than that, you must know that certain risks of misplacing your money exist, so it is better if you could put all your funds in a safe deposit or entrust friends or family to help you manage your money.

Since wealth and income are closely tied to your performance at work, it is advised of you to be more proactive and independent in your workplace. Also, make it a habit to be meticulous and methodical in everything you do to avoid giving a reason for others to find fault in you. When it comes to switching job, there is no guarantee that the grass will truly be greener on the other side and you may be better off staying put.

Health-wise, things are not looking too bad, but certain precautions are needed to ensure you maintain a steady and balanced health in 2014. Pay attention when you’re behind the wheel, as injuries and accidents are likely. Like everything else this year, a favourable outcome can only be achieved only with an attentive mind, so be sure you be on your toes. As long you build your goals based on practicality and be realistic, there is no doubt you will be achieve them if you put in the proper effort and planning.


Good news for the Ox! The positive energies of the two auspicious Stars ensure that during the course of 2014, the Ox will find the motivation to set the bar high and conquer the goals they have in mind. The positive Stars provide an assurance that no matter how negative certain matters are, they will eventually peter out for the good. Overall, if you up your game this year, you can bring the best of your capabilities to create success and achievements you desire.

First up, the Dragon Virtue Star, with its ability to promote good luck and omen, is at your side this year. Therefore, rest assured that you can find the light at the end of even the darkest tunnel with this Star in attendance. This ensures everything progresses in smooth fashion for the coming twelve months. Therefore, pay no attention to the negative influence that will crop up along the way, for their unfavourable energies will be diminished under the auspicious light of this Star.

Be glad to have the Emperor Star on tow as well, as it generates positive professional or personal connections, many of which will lead to more opportunities to improve your wealth and career standing. This Star brings upon noble help from genuine and sincere person in your life, and this helping hand will be integral when you climb the ladder during the course of the year.

When it comes to forecasting the wealth outlook, 2014 is likely to be a modest year. In a way, this could work to your advantage as even though your gains may me moderate, so does your loss – which means that there won’t be any roaring financial swing this year. Make some informed decision on how to better manage your existing wealth. . By doing this, they can ensure that things will progress with precision and improvement throughout the rest of the year.

As wealth also correlates with how well you do at work, it worth mentioning that preparation will be the key that guides you to success in work life. Beat it in your head that preparation and analysis are almost as important, if not more, than the actual process of undertaking an important project or assignment. There will be times when the unexpected happens, but don’t let it get to you. Put a plan in place to ensure all the issues can be ironed out in due time. Things are likely to take a turn for the better after June, as career luck will be enhanced by the energies of the second half of the year.

In 2014, when it comes to health related matters, it is wise to have any minor ailments checked out and addressed immediately. If you’re feeling under the weather, perhaps it is time to take more care with your diet this year, to avoid any issues related to digestion. A healthy dietary plan will help you feel better and rejuvenated throughout the year.

You should be glad to know that no matter what happens in 2014, there will be supports from noble people in your life – cushioning the negative impacts. You can always expect someone to be there for you, lending you an ear or shoulder. And remember; as long as you’re persistent in what you do, you will be able to reap something worthy towards the end!


Tiger will blaze ahead in the Wood Horse Year with plenty of spectacular opportunities to expand on your talent and potential. Throughout the coming twelve months, you will be able to discover plenty of mind-stimulating endeavors in your career and investment activities. The key here is to be cool, calm and collected as in order to select the most profitable opportunity, you need to screen through and ensure you make full use of the opportunities selected in the Wood Horse Year.

If you are the type who is accustomed to striking while the iron is hot, this might be a year to considering slowing down and avoid being rash and impatient especially when it comes to important dealing or endeavours. Take time to make serious considerations beforehand and research to understand the bigger picture before making any conclusion. This is no thanks to the effect of the Great Sha Star, which shows that hurried action and half-baked decision might result in negative consequences.

If your wealth is directly linked to your career ground, this is a year to make some changes in your professional landscape. In 2014, the Tiger will waddle through some possible difficult situations and they must perfect their communication skills in order to overcome these barriers. You must view this as an opportunity to improve as you will be able to gain much from the situation. On a more positive note, there are plenty of help and assistance they can use throughout the year. If they encounter any stumbling block, remember to be proactive and engage the help of their colleagues and superiors.

While you spend time chasing after your career and financial goals, remember to take care of your wellbeing and not neglect your health in lieu of better career and financial prospects. You will be prone to falling sick often – although these are relatively minor colds and trifles, but nevertheless they can be troublesome and affect the quality of life. Diet wise, it will be beneficial if you could include a well-balanced intake and minimize the amount of fried and processed food. Take extra cautions when you’re lifting heavy objects and moving about, as there are high possibilities of injuries involving your abdomen, waist and back.

In a way, if you look through and maximize the blessings in disguise for 2014, you will find a year filled with promising opportunities and significant progress. Most importantly, you need to have a clear destination in mind, a goal you want to achieve for the year. Work progressively from there with clear-sighted flexibility to reach your desired milestone. The possibilities are endless if you’re willing to aim high and work steadily towards reaching your mark.


The year of the Wood Horse promises many great achievements and success for the Rabbit. However, this doesn’t mean you can rest your laurels or be less attentive about matters around you. The road to success is never without its fair share of obstacles. Make sure you are vigilant to handle it as it comes your way.

If you’ve been working hard in terms of your career so far, then good news awaits for you! Your success all hinges on how much effort you invested in it. If you strive for excellence and quality work each time, know that all this are taken note by your superiors. A promotion is possible. Just stay on course with your objective and you’ll be sure to gain the outcome you desire. Opting for a partnership or collaboration in a business or project would prove to be very beneficial with you, especially if the partner or collaborator is of the opposite sex.

Once your career is soaring, expect to see a boost in your wealth. It would not be a windfall or falls on your lap so easily. Again, if you want to improve financially, you got to work for it. There will be plenty of ups and downs for you this year, so be persistent and you’re likely to reap your much-deserved rewards. That said, don’t neglect to practice proper financial management to ensure that, even when you hit a low spot at any point, you still have sufficient funds to keep you afloat awhile. It pays to be proactive.

The good news is, though you may face with some hassles in your way, 2014 will also bring you support and assistance from helpful people in your midst. In short, help will come to the rescue when you need it most. These people are able to help you turn the negative into the positive, and ensure the outcome will be in your favour. Don’t forget to always show your gratitude to these helpful individuals.

You will feel very blessed this year as there are good tidings and happy events for you to experience. Your romance outlook is positive as you can see improvements in relationships. If you are single, you are likely to meet your match this year. So get out there and mingle! If you are attached and looking to take the relationship to the next level, this is a great year to pop the big question! If you are married or committed in a stable relationship, you may need to be wary of the likelihood of an external interference in your union.

On the health front, you can expect to enjoy good physical wellbeing with no major illness to get in the way of other matters in life. For as long as you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercises all year round, you will do just fine. However if you don’t watch what you eat, it can lead to issues at some point this year.


Dragons can look forward to an interesting year in 2014. It would be a demanding year, but you can expect to experience great personal growth and professional development within this time. So get ready for an exciting ride on the Wood Horse! Be sure to keep your chin up and your eyes on the ball despite the distractions along the way. Your patience, diligence and commitment will be rewarded in due time.

The best part about your year is that helpful people will always be in your midst. If you find yourself in need of help, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for it. These people will be your guide in navigating through rough patches in life. Just don’t forget to show your gratitude for the help received.

2014 is a good year for you to focus on self-improvement. Use your time well to widen your knowledge and sharpen your skill as this will be valuable to you in the future. Expect to find success in your research and academic endeavours.

Your career front looks promising as opportunities will open up to you. There’s a chance to advance in your career or a possible career switch is in the cards. Keep your eyes – and mind - open for the opportunity to come. You may also find helpful people around to assist you in your career goals.

Better career prospects will also spell an improved situation for your finances. You need to discipline yourself with your expenses and learn to manage your money properly, as your wealth outlook is not as stable. It is also not completely unfavourable as there will be an increase of wealth and at the same time, losses are expected as well. In order to minimize the loss, curb your reckless handling of finances. Be wise with your decisions about investments, and avoid any form of gambling at all costs. Stick to the conservative path and you’ll be able to save better.

Romance is quite mediocre for you in the Wood Horse year, but don’t let this dampened your spirit. If you are single, channel your focus on other aspects of life like personal and professional development. If you are in a committed relationship or married, this may be a challenging time for you in terms of coping with health issues involving your spouse or partner. It may not be a serious situation, but it would call for both of you to work together in creating a healthy lifestyle to minimize any serious cases in later life.

Don’t neglect your own health, especially when you are busy caring for the health of loved ones. Take extra care in building up your immune system, and be alert when you are participating in sports or physical activities as you are prone to accidents and injuries. As always, if any health issues occur, best to seek treatment immediately. Since you are surrounded by helpful people, it is likely you’ll get the treatment you need without a hitch.


Despite being a Snake year, 2013 has been full of ups and downs that had been very trying for you. However the experience has made you better at what you do, and you are more comfortable with who you are. This will likely give you a boost of confidence to move ahead, which is a good thing too as you will need it.

This is a busy year for the Snake, with many projects and tight deadlines overwhelming your schedule. But, if you are diligent with your work, these will accumulate to something worthy towards the end. Of course, you need to make sure that you are able to cope with the pressure and work stress as well.

Opportunities to boost your professional endeavours will present itself throughout the year. So learn to sharpen your focus to capture them and maintain the discipline and determination to stay on course of your goals. Such career-related opportunities will also open up your potential to grow your wealth. It could be an additional side income or investment opportunities that you may be interested to explore. Either way, you need to be wary of devious opportunists in your midst as these people may offer you promises that are too good to be true. Avoid being too gullible and sway away from the temptation of gambling and risky investments, as you are likely to see a catastrophic outcome.

You should also use this year to improve on your interpersonal skills, as this is vital for the future of your career and business endeavours. However, you are prone to slip your tongue, and may say things that you don’t really mean. Then, you’ll risk offending others or being the cause of friction in the office – not the sort of reputation you want to build in your career. Therefore, you need to be more mindful of your words when you communicate with people at work.

In terms of personal relationships, you can expect a good outlook. If you are single and available will meet with your potential someone and the feelings are likely to be mutual. A positive outlook is also expected for the married ones, but you need to keep the lure of your temptations and desires in check. Faithfulness in the marriage will ensure 2014 be a blissful year for you and your spouse.

As it would be a busy year for you, be sure you make time for some well-deserved break in between to de-stress and recharge your energy. This will help to keep your work performance consistent. You may also be susceptible to health issues related to your eyes and veins. Blood-related illness may occur as well. Get a full medical checkup as a precaution. There’s no harm to it as this should help you to treat issues early before it escalate into something serious. It is also good to maintain a balanced diet and regular fitness routine as well. If you have been neglecting this in the past years, 2014 should be a good time to get started on changing your lifestyle. It will do you good in the long run.

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