Joey King Shares How She Feels About Getting Married at 24: 'Everyone's Different'

"If someone got married at 24 when my grandma was 18, they'd be like, 'What is taking her so long?' " the 'We Were The Lucky Ones' actress said

Steven Piet Instagram Steven Piet (left) and Joey King
Steven Piet Instagram Steven Piet (left) and Joey King

Joey King is opening up about getting married at a young age — and how she has fielded some of the comments she's gotten.

During her appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast's April 15 episode, the 24-year-old actress also said she didn't get any pushback "at all" from people in her personal life when she recently tied the knot with now-husband Steven Piet.

"I've been in a world in which I've been exposed to adulthood. I had a mortgage by the time I was 14," King said. "Responsibility makes you grow up a little bit faster."

"And my family and everyone in my life, they adore Steven. He's the easiest person to love. They were so stoked," added the We Were the Lucky Ones star.

King and Piet married on Sept. 2, 2023, in Spain, surrounded by close family and friends, a source confirmed to PEOPLE at the time. King previously announced their engagement in March 2022.

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<p>Steven Piet/Instagram</p> Joey King (left) and Steven Piet

Steven Piet/Instagram

Joey King (left) and Steven Piet

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King said she thinks "the hard part" about deciding to get married is that "there's never the right way to do it without someone commenting on it."

"It's either, 'You're too young,' 'You're too old,' 'How long have you been dating each other?' or, 'You don't know each other that well,' 'You've been together too long — where's the ring?' " she said.

And in her own family, "My grandmother got married at 18, and it was so normal back then," the Kissing Booth actress continued. "If someone got married at 24 when my grandma was 18, they'd be like, 'What is taking her so long?' So it's all relative, and everyone's different."

"People love to give you unsolicited advice about marriage," King added. "The minute we got married, people were like, 'Oh, buckle up. Marriage is hard.' And we're sitting here like, 'Wonderful. Thank you for telling us newlyweds that. We love to hear it.' "

She takes the advice with "a grain of salt," though, especially if her situation isn't the same as the advice-givers, "because I know every single person is different."

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Joey King (left) and Steven Piet
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Joey King (left) and Steven Piet

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For King, being married to 32-year-old director, producer and writer Piet has been a "great" experience thus far.

"We keep our relationship fairly private, but I don't really give a s--- when anyone that doesn't know me thinks," she said. "Of course, I care what my family and my friends think, but, like, people online that I have no f---ing idea who they are, I don't care what they think about my relationship."

"But there is so much joy that we share together that sometimes I'm just like, 'You know, if people could just see that, they would get it,' but I also don't really need them to get it," King added. "I don't really need to explain it to the people that are just social-media commenters. People say the craziest s--- online about everything."

And Piet is "literally my best friend," the actress also said. "We can talk about anything. It's so nice. I describe it as it feels like you're at a sleepover every night. It's, like, so fun. We're like, 'Oh, you wanna go to bed and watch Frasier?' "

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